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Friends of Coveteur Sound Off on Their Self-Care Rituals This Summer

Time to upgrade your routine.

Endless Summer
self care routines
Ashley Combs

The phrase self-care and the word wellness are both thrown around so often, it's easy for their original definitions to grow opaque. When it comes down to it, though, wellness and self-care are about slowing down in a world that expects you to be constantly plugged in, finding moments of comfort and calm during periods of chaos, and choosing to engage in activities that lift your spirits without compromising anyone else's.

Over the course of the last year, many of us cultivated rituals that helped us feel a little more sane. But how do you keep up those habits as the world around us begins to shift yet again? Ahead, we reached out to 10 of our most trusted fashion and beauty friends to hear how they're planning on staying grounded and content this summer.

Elisa Johnson

Designer and Creator, Elisa Johnson Brand

"The self-care practices that I am committed to this summer are protecting my peace, learning to embrace solitude, and giving myself grace. In the past, I haven't always done the best job at protecting my personal peace—I've allowed certain distractions into my life because of my own personal insecurities. But with the launch of my own business, I've found myself with such a stronger focus and I don't have time for anything that interferes with my serenity.

"With learning to embrace solitude, I'm someone who physically has a hard time being alone, and while I don't think that's inherently a bad thing, I feel personally that I need to do the work of being content with myself and not seek that type of gratification in other places. Lastly, I can be very hard on myself, so I am making a conscious effort to forgive myself and understand that every step along the way is a part of my greater journey."

Anastasia Stylianou

Celebrity Hairstylist

"Now that restrictions are loosening up and the number of vaccinations are rising every day, I'm planning to live my best life out of lockdown. That includes eating fresh, homegrown food, getting lots of vitamin D, 18 minutes—yes, 18—of meditation every morning, and not stressing too much about my hair and makeup looks. I'm just trying to be as happy as possible this summer!"

Brittney Ogike


"There are a few different self-care practices that I'm definitely planning on implementing throughout the summer to ensure that I'm feeling my best. The first is to incorporate a monthly massage routine. Not only is this extremely relaxing, but it's great for reducing stress and tension within the body. I just got a Tonal, so I want to really make an effort to work out and move my body on a daily basis. Another form of self-care for me is eating healthy. It can be challenging because I have a busy schedule, but I know that when I eat well, I feel good, so I want to make that a priority this summer. The last self-care practice I'm planning to get back into is getting my nails done every other week!"

Morgan Pinney

Wardrobe Stylist

"This year I've realized how important it is to set aside time for yourself. My favorite self-care practices include doing a skin-care routine, going to a workout class (hot Pilates!), and just taking a few moments to be alone. It's so easy to become consumed with work while also trying to maintain a social life, so taking just a few minutes each day for yourself is something I've been making a conscious effort to do!"

"My self-care routine is taking myself on a trip somewhere on my bucket list once a month. I've spent so much time at home this year, but I'm prioritizing self-care trips now. I also will continue to buy myself flowers. It's such a small act that comes with so much fulfillment. I'm no longer waiting for 'somebody's son' to take me on trips and buy me flowers—it's important that I spoil me for me."

Laura Polko

Celebrity Hairstylist

"I'm planning on spending evenings by myself, having a glass (not a bottle) of wine, and throwing a mask in my hair. I love Aquage's Healing Conditioner or their Silkening Conditioner. Sometimes, I'll mix them together and just chill and run a bath.

"I also love doing Pilates and meditating regularly to get out of my head. Weirdly enough, I also sit in the shower sometimes to meditate while I leave my conditioner on. The Sea Extend Strengthening is another one of my faves!"

Desiree Verdejo

CEO and Founder, Hyper Skin

"I just booked a trip to Costa Rica for August! Traveling is definitely my self-care, and after more than a year of being in my NYC apartment, spending hours searching for the perfect beach house, exploring the local restaurants from afar, and finding the perfect surf camp for my four-year-old daughter is bringing me so much joy. I'm always more open to activity and adventure when I'm traveling. As an on-the-go New Yorker, this year was shockingly still for me—no morning commute walks or running for trains, so I am most excited to spend a month in a place where movement is a must—walking to the beach, morning swims, weekend hikes."

"Now that everything is starting to open back up again, I'm looking forward to going back to the spa. It's such a great way for me to unwind after a long work week and give myself some TLC. During quarantine, I became a lot more consistent with my workouts and daily meditation, so this is definitely something I will be continuing to do this summer. As a founder, it's so easy to lose that work/life balance, so prioritizing self-care in all forms is key, even if it just means sleeping in an extra hour."

Grace Pae

Celebrity Makeup Artist

"I found that not picking up my phone first thing in the morning has helped my mental and emotional health. For the first hour after I wake up, I try to set my mind up for positive thinking (what I'm grateful for, aspirations, etc.) and get over negative thoughts (doubts, fear, etc.) by journaling while drinking my coffee. Then I wash up and genuinely look forward to my Gua Sha routine every morning. It stimulates circulation and releases tightness. It definitely helps depuff the face and sculpt facial muscles. I keep it in my fridge to keep it cold for extra depuffing! Now that I've dedicated the first hour to a little bit of self-care, I'm in a better headspace to check my emails, texts, social media accounts, and more."

"I implement my self-care practices all year long. I'm big into long walks in the summer—I love picking out a book on Audible and taking a stroll. I'm also lucky enough to be able to go and see my family, which is really rejuvenating. I also make time for body care—it can be really meditative for me. I start in the shower using the Megababe Space Bar Charcoal Underarm Bar anywhere that sweats, and once a week I'll do a head-to-toe exfoliating body mask with Megababe's Le Tush—we made it for your butt, but I use it all over. When I hop out of the shower, I use Dust Puff to apply Body Dust, which feels like a little luxury."

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