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summer 2021 travel

There is an undeniable sense of hope in the air right now. Travel restrictions are beginning to lift—both locally and internationally—instilling excitement to resume exploring the world. And what once seemed like a lofty fantasy, traveling is now tangible again. While escaping for the summer holiday looked a bit different last year, the sentiment remains the same: Traveling is a way to escape reality and reconnect with oneself through new cultures, remote landscapes, and a change in atmosphere.

Determined to make up for lost time, we're optimistically filling our calendars with our favorite summer destinations for the upcoming months. We spoke with nine friends of Coveteur to find out where they will be jaunting off to—safely—this summer. From escaping to secluded Italian islands to embarking on long, stateside road trips, the below destinations will inspire your next holiday.

Gabriella Khalil

Creative Director, Palm Heights

summer 2021 travel

Photo: Clement Pascal

"This summer, when I am not in the Caribbean Palm Heights, I am planning to travel to Italy (hopefully, if borders are open). I am really craving a summertime Italian seaside holiday and also all the fresh pasta! I am looking to go to the Amalfi Coast and plan to stay at Le Sirenuse (I have never stayed there, and it has always been a dream of mine) and then have casual lunches at my favorite spot, Da Adolfo. For me, Amalfi Coast is an unbelievably magical place, and I think that after such an intense year of lockdowns and anxiety, I want to travel somewhere that, for me, is a pure celebration of life, food, culture, wine, and people. I look forward to enjoying incredible meals and creating memories with loved ones in the warm sun."

summer 2021 travel

Photo: Courtesy of Milou Neelen

"I'm looking forward to traveling to the small Italian island Ischia. A one-hour ferry away from Naples, Anna Pihan's photography for our soon-to-launch book The Pleasure of Leisure made me fall in love with this bougainvillea and stripey umbrellas-filled island. Before moving to Bali, traveling through Europe was obvious, but now I can't wait to explore a dreamy European getaway like Ischia, take a dip in one of the thermal pools, and sip espressos."

Rachael Saiger

Fashion Director, Miansai; Founder, Style Saves

summer 2021 travel

Photo: Courtesy of Rachael Saiger

"My husband and I have always been avid travelers, and after a very long pandemic and second pregnancy, we're excited for our summer trip to one of our favorite places—Bali. This will be our first visit back to Indonesia since the new additions to our family [two children], and we'll be staying at Como Shambhala in Ubud, which, to me, feels like a personal oasis nestled in an untouched jungle. My husband loves surfing, so we'll spend most of our time in Uluwatu between Padang Padang and Blue Point Beach. I'm big into yoga, so I will sneak away for as many classes at Desa Seni that I can. Most of all, we can hardly wait for the food—although it's extremely healthy eats, for the most part, Mana at Uluwatu Surf Villas is one of our favorites, and we crave this roadside smoked barbecue from Naughty Nuri's and end up going there multiple times a week. For sunsets, you can't beat the ambiance at Fins or a nightcap at Favela."

Arpana Rayamajhi

Jeweler and Actor

summer 2021 travel

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@arpanarayamajhi

"This summer I am hopefully [traveling to] French Polynesia to see my family for the first time since the pandemic in the UAE. I've never been to French Polynesia, but the South Pacific is gorgeous. I am really looking forward to having the experience—I love the ocean, and I can't wait to island-hop. I wish I could go to Nepal, but we're seeing the first real bad wave of coronavirus, which breaks my heart."

Ines Vieira

Founder and Designer, Norte

summer 2021 travel

Photo: Christina Marie Arza

"This summer I will be traveling to Galicia in the northwest of Spain. That is where I grew up, and it is my favorite place to spend the summer. I will be in the south of Galicia by the Atlantic Ocean—there are the most beautiful beaches I have been to in my life there. They have the whitest sand and are often surrounded by forests of pines and eucalyptus, making the environment incredibly special. The weather there is not as hot as in the Mediterranean part of Spain, but because of that, it gets fewer tourists, which makes it even more special. I look forward to visiting the Cies Islands, which are a natural park of three small islands just west of the coast, and the amazing beaches like La Lanzada, among others. The seafood there is amazing, and my favorite type of wine, Albariño, is made in Galicia. I look forward to hanging at the 'chiringuitos' too while watching the sunset on the sea."

summer 2021 travel

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@melodiemonrose

"I am hoping to spend some time home in Martinique this summer. I have not [been there] since last summer, and I am missing my friends and family dearly. I am planning on renting out a house for a couple of weeks and inviting friends to come visit. I love sharing my culture with my friends from around the world, so I am really looking forward to showing them a bit of the Martinican lifestyle. It's mostly about simple pleasures and explorations. I also would love to visit Portugal—more particularly, Lisbon. I love any travel that includes beaches, good food, and beautiful architecture."

Isis Briones

Freelance Writer and Editor; Travel Enthusiast

summer 2021 travel

Photo: Courtesy of Isis Briones

"I'm on an electric-car road-trip kick and will keep it going this summer. I recently drove the all-electric Audi E-Tron from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree, but I want to go for longer next time around. From the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway in my home state of Virginia to the underrated Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys, I can't wait to get back on the road for some stress-free exploration stateside."

Laura Liles

Founder and Creative Director, Kinga Csilla

summer 2021 travel

Photo: Courtesy of Laura Liles

"I'm based in Australia, and international travel for leisure is still restricted in the southern hemisphere. So, as we can't travel internationally, my family and I are escaping the chill of Australia's east coast and heading over to Perth, Western Australia. We're staying at our dear friend's beautiful studio in a quaint little suburb called Palmyra.

"Kinga Csilla is built from my experiences and global travels; I'm always inspired by the exploration of more untouched parts of this earth. I'm really looking forward to visiting Perth to see friends we haven't seen for months due to COVID—one of the friends we're visiting is an artist who we recently commissioned to make the Desmond print for Kinga Csilla summer HS 21. However, I'm most excited to hit the road following our stay at the sunny Palmyra. We're hitching a caravan and heading south via Dunsborough to Margaret River, one of Australia's leading wine regions. I'm excited to visit its breweries, beaches, and pretty boutiques."

Nneya Richards

Travel Expert; Digital Creator and Writer

summer 2021 travel

Photo: Courtesy of Nneya Richards

"During the pandemic, I've been in a very bizarre shuttle between NYC and Northern Italy. I actually live and work in both, so I was able to travel in between but with restriction. Italy without Americans last summer was a little bizarre. And while I didn't miss the crowds, it was hard to see many hotels and restaurants that depend on the tourist economy—particularly American tourism—take such a hit. A lot didn't even open last summer because they couldn't afford to. It's the basics for me. I'm looking forward to stress-free travel without carrying a folder full of papers proving my residency in Italy—a bit of a trade-off from mostly empty flights. I miss France, I haven't been there in a while, and we're pretty close to the French Riviera in the north. Because my residency is only in Italy, even during summer last year, I couldn't go. I'm aware of how privileged this problem is. So I'm looking forward to heading to a small town along the French coast this summer, buying really smelly cheese, and hanging out with my partner and our friends. As a travel content creator, I have friends around the world, so as soon as travel fully opens, I am ready for a world tour of all of the friends I've missed."

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