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8 Press-On Nail Designs That Will Convince You to Skip the Salon

Your beauty budget will thank you.

Anybody else seriously missing their nail salon right about now? As frustrating as it can be to avoid your favorite spot out of an abundance of caution, it hasn’t dampened our desire for cute nails on the regular. And truthfully, our at-home manicure skills have never been better, except when it comes to nail art. There seems to be no amount of ambidextrous skill that allows us to decorate both hands. That’s why press-on nails have become our social-distancing beauty savior. Better yet, brands have no shortage of graphic, contemporary, glittery, and just plain pretty options to choose from. You just prep your nail (removing any leftover polish or conditioning oil), pop on your design of choice, and you’re good to go. Easy, inexpensive, and the perfect disguise if you’re prone to biting your nails (2021 anxiety much?).

So if you need another way to spend your next leisurely weekend afternoon, check out eight of our favorite temporary nail art styles right now. And don’t forget—most of these sets are reusable if you remove them carefully. Cute and environmentally friendly—what’s not to love?

Chillhouse Chill Tips in Groovy Baby

These reusable press-on nails are beyond stunning and the perfect accent to any outfit in your wardrobe—even sweatpants.


Glamnetic Short Almond Sprinkles

Three words: rainbow french manicure. We love the almond shape of these press-ons to help elongate your finger.

$19 $15

Nails of LA The Muse

This kit comes with everything you need to apply your new nails—file, cuticle stick, nail glue, adhesive tabs, and, of course, your gorgeous graphic design.


Rave Nailz Fluffy Cloud Nailz

These matte cloud art nails have us squealing—they’re just so cute! Don’t be afraid of trying blue nails.


Sinful Colors 3D Claws Press On Nails, Up in Chains

Why not go for an over-the-top 3-D style nail? You deserve it for making it through last year, and we guarantee your friends will be impressed.


Static Nails Fawn Almond

You can never go wrong with an almond nude nail, which is why this set will forever be in our at-home manicure collections.


Mejosi High Sprit

Ombre nails are one of our favorite trends for 2021, and this burnt orange set is seriously dreamy. It comes with glitter accent nails, too, so you can switch up your look as you see fit.


Kiss Be Jelly Gel Fantasy Nails

Jelly nails, aka a semi-see-through finish that is reminiscent of your PB&J, is our new favorite way to add a pop of color to our manicures. Just think of it as a reminder that spring is coming...eventually.

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