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Let These Meditation Tools Inspire You to Just Breathe

9 friends of Coveteur share the best meditation podcasts, apps, books, and more.


Meditation is one of those things that many people do, but seldom do we hear about how others actually do it. So we decided to ask nine women in the wellness space to share exactly what apps, podcasts, books, and the like they use to meditate on a regular basis.

For me, I've also found some tools this past year that have helped me commit to my practice. Tara Brach's podcast and guided meditations have both centered me in times of deep anxiety and stress, and also taught me about radical acceptance, compassion, and self-love. I've also found that I really like to meditate with a Core "meditation trainer," which tracks my heartbeat and heart-rate variability to give me feedback about how my body is doing. I also love Mala Collective's meditation cushions, which support a healthy posture but also look pretty when I'm not using them (important!).

If you meditate, you probably have a favorite guide of some kind to help you go deeper, but it's always inspiring to discover new resources. We can't wait to check out some of these options!

Wilma Mae Basta

Founder, DRK Beauty


Photo: Courtesy of Wilma Mae Basta

"My well-being is an eternal practice in staying grounded, cultivating self-awareness, and maintaining an open heart. It is always a balancing act. One tool I use to achieve this includes The Pocket Pema Chodron—I meditate daily in front of a small altar, upon which sits my pocket Pema Chodron book, which includes impactful passages from her decades of writing. I read one page before each session. It gives me a focus for self-awareness throughout the day. It's also worth listening to her audiobooks. Her voice is comforting, she is lighthearted without being dogmatic, and the teachings she shares are so helpful, especially during the pandemic.

"Another tool I use is Relax Melodies. It has been said that I sleep like it's a job—it's my superpower. However, sometimes my sleep pattern is out of sync or other stressors upset my sleep. This app is amazing because I can craft my own blend of sounds that create my own unique adult lullaby, and I always drift off. My go-to sound is a thunderstorm with light rain.

"And one more tool is Insight Timer. I've been using this app for five or six years. It has helped me to level up my meditation practice. I use it mainly to customize my own style of meditation, but it also offers teachings and lessons from a myriad of practitioners from around the world. I love it."

Polly Roderick

Global Senior Brand Manager, INIKA Organic


Photo: Courtesy of Polly Roderick

"I have several outlets to help sever my mind from how manic life becomes. I find old-school jazz music super relaxing when I log off on a Friday night, as my weeks are so crazy. There is nothing like lighting a couple of candles, putting on a face mask, and listening to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald!

"I often listen to meditation before bed if I feel a little anxious or manic. My favorite is Agapi Stasinopoulos. She is so positive and has the most calming voice. She talks of escaping to your own paradise. Mine is always visualizing drifting on a lake past a trickling waterfall. There's a warm breeze with birds singing as my fingers touch the surface of the water. It gently redirects my mind from my days full of stress.

"Affirmations are also very helpful. There are times when I really feel overwhelmed and out of balance. On those days I stop, take a few deep breaths, and I repeat my chosen affirmations: 'I am happy, I am healthy, I have a beautiful life.' Repeating this really helps!"

Grace Okafor

Founder, Dr. Gio Cosmetics


Photo: Courtesy of Grace Okafor

"My favorite way to get grounded is actually listening and singing along to old-school music on Spotify or listening to meditative videos or songs on YouTube, like the sound of rain, while visualizing.

"Some people read books or listen to podcasts, but this is what I prefer. It works a lot for me and quickly gets me to a happy spot where I feel refreshed, positive, happy, and ready to go. I love listening to Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Toni Braxton."

Niye Aniekan-Attang

Founder, Ace Beauté


Photo: Courtesy of Niye Aniekan-Attang

"I am all about self-care, which keeps me feeling really grounded. When I have had a busy or stressful week, I look forward to self-care on the weekends. It could be as simple as using the Calm app for short meditations or as elaborate as giving myself an at-home facial, pedicure, and body scrub."

Chrissy Papetti

Self-Mastery Mentor, Success Coach, Speaker, and certified Gene Keys Guide


Photo: Courtesy of Chrissy Papetti

"The To Be Magnetic (TBM) Pathway membership has been my home base on my personal growth journey for years now. With TBM's Neural Manifestation process, fusing science and spirituality, I've reached new heights of radical self-awareness and, in doing so, have reclaimed my power over my reality.

"The TBM meditations, or 'deep imaginings,' have led me to uncover the root cause of what's held me back and stopped me from fully embracing my authentic self and manifesting what I desire in life. Through TBM's manifestation method, I've learned how to access the freedom that comes with releasing past patterns and rewiring my mind-body connection to be fearless in leading my most authentic life.

"And The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani has raised me to new heights on my personal-growth path. I may even dare to say that this book is a mandatory companion for anyone committed to living their best life on their terms. Lakhiani manages to extract wisdom from some of the world's greatest change makers, teachers, and thought leaders and synthesize it into digestible, powerful frameworks for anyone to use to transform their life.

"My favorite thing about this book is that it highlights how much of your own destiny lies within your own power—if only you understand the tools you need to shift your perspective on what's possible for your life. In an endless sea of surface-level, redundant self-growth books out there, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind differentiates itself by using cutting-edge science and spirituality to deliver practical methods for how to live a life that's truly extraordinary."

Jamie Leilani Pelayo

Co-founder, natureofthings


Photo: Courtesy of Jamie Leilani Pelayo

"The most life-changing book that I've read isEastern Body, Western Mindby Anodea Judith, along with its companion workbook, The Sevenfold Journey, which includes meditation and body-work practices to help release energy blockages within the body, based on the teachings of the EBWM.

"I recommend EBWM to literally anyone and everyone who is interested in understanding how even the most mundane experiences can shape the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves and the narratives that we form around the concept of our identity, which can result in deficient and excessive behaviors. Working with these tools has been personally liberating for me and very eye-opening, especially in how I approach raising young children with this awareness."

Ashley Wray

Founder and CEO, Mala Collective and Little Buddhi


Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Wray

"Tara Brach is one of my favorite meditation teachers, and she often talks about radical compassion and self-love. Every Wednesday she hosts a donation meditation and lecture through Spirit Rock.

"I love using a guided meditation to help me focus my mind and energy. When I first started my practice, this helped me immensely. Our minds always tend to wander when we are meditating, and having someone lovingly hold you and guide you through is such a gift. That's what inspired our I Am Enough series—a simple yet loving and effective meditation series to help guide you through your practice, whether you're just starting out or deepening your practice."

Nikita Mehta

Founder, Fable & Mane


Photo: Courtesy of Nikita Mehta

"My favorite meditation is Dynamic Meditation by Osho, shaking and releasing before centering in silence. My favorite meditation book is Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, on the importance of removing past samskaras, blockages, and letting energy (shakti) rise from within. Both have helped me embrace radical honesty by choosing to show up for myself every day and be responsible for my joy and letting energy flow freely."

Nathalie Walton

CEO, Expectful


Photo: Courtesy of Nathalie Walton

"I spend a crazy amount of time meditating—it's my job to continually evaluate new meditations. I began my meditation practice in 2001 in an ashram in Thailand, and it's been wonderful to see the field of wellness blossom over time. I struggled to cultivate a meditation practice until I discovered Transcendental Meditation (TM). TM helped me deepen my practice and enjoy guided meditations on apps like Expectful.

"My all-time favorite mindfulness book isWhen Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron. I also love investing in mindfulness retreats at The Esalen Institute and We Care Spa—these are some of my favorite places to take a break from life and invest in my overall well-being."

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