The 32 Best Beauty Products That Launched in January

From nourishing curl creams to moisturizers loaded with stem-cell technology.

beauty products january 2021
It hardly seems possible that the first month of 2021 is behind us, but here we are—and luckily, our beauty cabinets and drawers have never been better stocked. With the new year, we’ve dedicated precious shelf space to testing everything new in beauty, and there is plenty to be excited about. Whether you’ve been searching for a vitamin C serum to kiss those dark spots goodbye, a nourishing curl cream to help your texture pop, or perhaps a hydrating SPF to protect against sun damage and UV rays (remember, it is your most powerful anti-aging tool), there is something out there to fit in perfectly with your routine. Check out our picks for the 32 best beauty product launches of January.

Dr. Barbara Sturm The Good C Vitamin C Serum

The perennial favorite Dr. Barbara Sturm has finally released a vitamin C serum, which harnesses kakadu plum (more plums please!) to protect your cells from free-radical damage and lighten hyperpigmentation. The 5-percent formulation also contains two other sources of vitamin C—oil-soluble THD ascorbate (a highly stable variety) and synthetic vitamin C in glycosidic form (aka ascorbyl glucoside). And the white, milky texture? That’s the added zinc, which helps your skin absorb the vitamin C faster and more effectively.


Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara

Posh is back with another addition to her clean collection of cosmetics. This mascara features a curved wand filled with short, almost teeth-like bristles that coat your lashes in a perfectly thin, even layer of formula. Do you want an ultra-voluminous lash look? This might not be the mascara for you. But for a gorgeous, minimalist, and clump-free effect, this launch delivers. And if you like adding product to your lower lashes but hate the potential smudging, be prepared to truly sing this mascara’s praises.


Ceremonia Pequi Curl Activator

Navigating between creams, gels, and oils can be tricky for anyone with curly hair, but this new milky serum is a serious gamechanger. Founder Babba C. Rivera’s recent launch not only gives you definition without the frizz, but the acai, chia seed, and castor-oil-rich formula also nourishes your hair for more flexibility and shine throughout the day. If you’ve yet to find your holy-grail texturizing product, give this one a try.


Saie Sunvisor

Finding an affordable, comfortable, and effective physical SPF can seem like the unreachable trifecta, but clean beauty brand Saie nails it with their first sunscreen. The formula has a silky, lightweight feel with zero white cast, and the added aloe vera, viola extract, argan, grapeseed, and vitamin E will have your skin feeling nourished and soft all day long. No more excuses for not wearing your daily SPF when it feels this good.


Indie Lee Restorative Eye Cream

The trio of algae, licorice root, and hyaluronic acid makes this creamy formula ideal for dry under-eyes that are showing signs of premature aging (like darkness and fine lines). The delicate area is strengthened, dark circles are minimized, and dehydration is nowhere to be found. If you’re new to eye creams, this is a great place to start.


Merit Flush Balm

Media maven Katherine Power has debuted her next product line to accompany Versed Skincare: Merit Beauty, a collection of EU-compliant, clean cosmetics for the minimalist-minded consumer. There are six products with a few various shade options plus a brush in the line, but it’s the creamy Flush Balm blush that has us swooning. The Cheeky shade, a cool, almost russet pink melts into your skin for a natural flush that lights up your whole face. You can even add a swipe to your lips for a monochromatic effect.


Odele Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are one of our favorite products to keep the scalp clean and free of buildup—which in turn promotes strong, healthy hair. But that doesn’t mean you have to drop a ton of money to find a quality formula. Clean beauty brand Odele debuts their first clarifying product utilizing a rising-star ingredient, quinoa, to help fortify and repair your hair. Swap out your go-to shampoo once a week for this formula, and admire your endless good hair days.


Clinique Smart Night Clinical MD Treatment Retinol Serum

This serum contains .3 percent retinol, the highest recommended for topical retinoids, along with over a dozen other skin-nourishing and brightening ingredients. These include moisturizing humectants like glycerin, hydroxyethyl urea, and sodium hyaluronate, mango seed butter for nourishing fatty acids, and squalane to boost your skin’s moisture levels. Brighter, more even, and highly moisturized skin is in your future.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax

We all know that moment after you spent part of your morning perfecting your brow shape only to spot a droopy tail by lunchtime. You’ll never have a hair out of place with this new translucent wax which provides long-lasting hold and a full, fluffy effect. Just gather the product onto the applicator, sweep it through your brows, and apply your color product after to fill in any gaps. The brows of your dreams are easier to achieve than ever before.


Louis Vuitton Étoile Filante

Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has created a dreamy new fragrance for 2021, with notes of creamy osmanthus, Chinese magnolia blossom, and sensual jasmine. If you’re looking to update your fragrance collection for spring, this sophisticated blend (in a gorgeous bottle) is the perfect addition.


Holifrog Halo AHA + BHA Evening Serum

Exfoliation is non-negotiable if you want skin that’s free from congestion, which is why incorporating this alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid serum into your routine is a wise idea (especially if you don’t use an exfoliating cleanser on the regular). The AHA blend helps to loosen dead skin cells while the smaller BHA molecules dive deep into pores and clear out excess dirt and sebum. The boost of rosehip oil also keeps your skin from drying out or growing irritated. Use it a few nights a week to start, and watch your complexion begin to glow.


CHANEL Fleurs de Printemps Blush and Highlighter Duo

If you can bear to disturb this beyond-gorgeous palette, you’ll find that the powder duo gives you the kind of radiant flush that we thought only the women on Bridgerton could manage. The satiny peach highlighter gives you the kind of glow that says “No, I haven’t been burrowed under blankets for the last six months,” while the complementary coral orange blush brings a much-needed boost of energy to your complexion. CHANEL resident makeup artist Lucia Pica definitely nailed it with this spring collection.


Ouai Curl Crème

Curly girls, rejoice, because Jen Atkin has finally dropped a curl cream for the Ouai line. After two years of formulation, the linseed and chia seed oil create soft definition for your texture, while a mix of babassu, coconut, and soybean oils hydrate and repair damage from the environment, heat, or your recent color appointment. Start with a pea-sized amount and work it through damp hair, adding more depending on your thickness and curl pattern, and enjoy the touchable, bouncy curls you always wanted.


Olive & June Nail Primer

Our at-home manicures are looking better than ever, but we sometimes struggle with getting the polish to last longer than a day or two. Enter this new vegan nail primer which promises a 20 percent increase in durability for your latest mani. The consistency is much thinner than what you’re used to for a nail primer—more like alcohol—which is why the brush is shorter: It can easily evaporate before it reaches your nail bed, so founder Sarah Gibson-Tuttle made the process quicker and more manageable. Prep your nail with a thin coat, allow it to dry, and carry on with your favorite polish—easy!


Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy

Loaded with skin-renewing longoza flower and plenty of ceramides to rebuild and restore your skin, this rich moisturizer is a must for anyone battling a dry complexion this winter. The brand spent 20 years researching stem-cell technology to perfect their topical anti-aging blend of ingredients and has the clinical data to back it up. If impossibly radiant skin is what you’re after, this cream will be a wise investment.


Susanne Kaufmann Toning Body Serum

While it’s impossible to eliminate cellulite with a topical product (tear), it is doable to minimize the appearance and improve tone and definition. This new, patented serum from Susanne Kaufmann uses a blend of caffeine, tiger grass, and boldo (a South American tree known for its anti-inflammatory properties) to smooth and firm your skin. We recommend slathering on a generous layer following a relaxing bath.


Pattern Lightweight Conditioner

Tracee Ellis Ross is back with her newest launch for Pattern: a lightweight conditioner for fine or thin hair (that still doesn’t sacrifice moisture or nutrients for your curls). The rich, creamy texture feels almost mask-like in the shower, but once you rinse it out, you can immediately notice the difference in your hair fibers—everything is smoother, stronger, and once you style to your heart’s content, frizz is minimized. It took the brand over 60 iterations to get the formula right, so rest assured that this launch is worth your coveted shower space.


Environ Purifying Anti-pollution Masque

You can’t beat a charcoal mask to rid your skin of dirt and buildup, which is why this new blend of Japanese charcoal and botanicals is high on our must-have list. Environ is a dermatologist and aesthetician favorite for a reason, and the soothing blend of botanicals and protective antioxidants have us asking our providers for a bottle ASAP. Use it a few times a week for a deep clean that gives your skin a much-needed reset.

Cocokind Sake Body Lotion

Sake is slowly making its way onto each of our dinner tables, but did we ever think it would make its way into our skin-care routines? Certainly not, but we are so glad it has. Sake has a ton of skin-care benefits, including light exfoliating properties that will slough off dead skin cells and prebiotics to reintroduce balance in the skin. This body lotion has a pH level of about 5.75, making it ideal for maintaining the integrity of our skin as we battle winter dryness and flakiness.


Hourglass Equilibrium Intensive Hydrating Eye Balm

We know you might be thinking a balm near your eyes is going to be way too greasy or sticky—even if it provides a boost of hydration—but we were pleasantly surprised by the lightweight texture of this oil-free formula. Skin care is a new addition to the Hourglass lineup, but so far we’re enjoying the brand’s new product innovation. Keep the appearance of fine lines minimized with consistent hydration.


Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Hydro Boost Deep Treatment Mask

We all love applying heaping loads of hyaluronic acid to our faces, but have we ever stopped to wonder what the ingredient would look like in our hair-care routines? This new hair mask introduces hyaluronic acid for a surge of moisture in hair that is otherwise frizzy and dry. This is a fabulous weekly hydrating mask to protect dry, color-treated, or heat-damaged hair and works great as a deep conditioner on days where you feel you need an extra boost for parched stands.

J.Hannah Patina Nail Polish

Jess Hannah Révész’s cult-favorite polish line has debuted the first new color of 2021 with Patina, an ultra-pale green that is basically spring in a jar. The non-toxic formula provides a subtle pop of color that looks gorgeous on any skin tone and is a perfect addition to our at-home manicure kit. Don’t be afraid of green polish! This is the perfect minimalist shade to try it out.


True Botanicals Chebula Active Immunity Serum

Chebula is a healing fruit extract with roots in Ayurvedic traditions. In skin care, chebula acts as a cascading antioxidant, meaning that as it fights off free radicals, its chemical composition evolves to fight off even more free radicals throughout the day. It’s a potent protector against environmental stressors for those of us living in cities or for those with active lifestyles. With elderberry, ginger, and echinacea for additional antioxidant support and antibacterial properties, and both low and high molecular hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin, this is the perfect addition to anyone’s routine which needs an extra protective pick-me-up.


Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic HappiKiss Lipstick

Get you a lipstick that can do both. Charlotte Tilbury releases an innovative lipstick this month that delivers on color impact while also supplying the skin with beneficial skin-care ingredients. This lipstick balm penetrates the skin on the lips with hyaluronic acid, providing ample hydration to dry winter lips. Additionally, it washes the lips with color in a balmy yet pigmented way that feels like velvet during wear. Add a pat or two to your cheeks for some gorgeous complementary color.


Muri Lelu Bloomrise Sativa Serum

It’s time to energize with a sativa strain—but not in the way you might think. This creamy serum contains whole-flower cannabis sativa extract to soothe any inflammation in the skin and help it return to a glowing state of balance. In addition to being ultra soothing for your skin, this serum also contains chlorophyll, aloe, and squalane to lock moisture in for a radiant shine that never feels too heavy.


Lime Crime Aura Eye & Face Shadow Palette

It’s Aquarius season, and what better way to celebrate a time of eccentric energy than by dabbing some colorful metallic and matte shadows around your eyes? This cool-toned palette contains a range of shades that will work well with every eye color, whether you are looking for a vibrant liner on your lash line or a bold, technicolor halo. This formulation is highly pigmented and has a staying power that will last throughout the entire day.


RéVive Perfectif Night Even Tone Cream

If you cannot tell by now, we love retinol here at Coveteur. And why is that? It’s a powerful ingredient that speeds the cell renewal process, igniting the production of skin-plumping collagen and elastin in the skin. Another thing we love about retinol is its ability to rid the complexion of post-hyperpigmentation, which is why we are so excited about RéVive’s new dark-spot corrector. In addition to containing the powers of retinol, this night cream also contains vitamin C to improve the skin’s tone and peptides to provide the building blocks for a youthful, bouncy effect.


Cover FX Custom Blending Moisturizer

Cover FX enters the skin-care category this month, and we must admit that their first foray into such a congested industry is quite impressive. The lightweight moisturizer contains both prebiotics and probiotics to maintain the integrity of the skin’s microbiome. Simultaneously, ceramides protect against environmental stressors, and olive and jojoba oils moisturize the skin while adding a dewy glow. We love using this as a base for a seamless makeup application that makes skin look like skin.


Covergirl Outlast Extreme Wear Foundation SPF 18

Covergirl’s first full-coverage foundation is finally here, with 21 shades infused with SPF 18. Not only is it surprisingly breathable for being so full-coverage, but it’s also humidity- and transfer-proof, so no rubbing off on your mask if you need to travel anywhere. For a more minimal, dewy effect, we like adding equal parts moisturizer and blending with a makeup sponge. Skin looks impossibly airbrushed without draining your bank account. It’s a win-win.


Summer Fridays Cloud Dew Oil-free Gel Cream Moisturizer

For most people, winter skin care means amping up the rich moisturizers and oils in our routines, scaling back on heavy cleansers, and using all the hydrating masks we can get our hands on. Yet, some of these typical winter routines just won’t cut it for those with oily skin, as they create a slickness in the skin that will inevitably clog pores. If you have oily skin and are looking for a great winter moisturizer, consider this one from founder Marianna Hewitt. Its formula is oil-free, meaning it will not exacerbate breakouts, and contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides for a plumping action that will last all day.


Living Proof Curl Defining Gel

We believe that our curls are beautiful, but they are sometimes so difficult to tame. In a perfect world, they would air-dry into perfect ringlets with shine and volume after every wash. Unfortunately, our hair dries in a frizzy and flat way most of the time, despite our best efforts. If your hair-care woes are anything like ours, consider this new defining gel as your hair savior. It holds curls’ natural shape without weighing them down or amping up their crunch factor. It also maintains curls’ integrity in high levels of humidity.


Clé de Peau Beauté Precious Gold Vitality Mask

This month, Clé de Peau Beauté releases a mask that is as efficacious as it is luxurious. The Precious Gold Vitality Mask contains 24-karat gold to inhibit oxidation in the skin, resulting in a more youthful and even-toned appearance. Additionally, it envelops your skin in ginseng extract, which speeds up collagen production for a plumper feel. This mask is perfect for nourishing and restoring your skin as you nourish yourself with some self-care after a long and taxing day.

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