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The 17 Best New Beauty Products That Launched in December

Body exfoliators, sculpting wands, and 50 shades of foundation included.

By: Hannah Baxter, Isabella Sarlija

We made it—the last day of 2020 is officially here. Who would have thought we could survive everything this year as thrown at us? Well, truth be told, if you looked at us closely, there may be one or two signs that the last 12 months were a bundle of anxiety (stress-related hair loss, anyone?).

Still, we’ve learned the benefit of prioritizing our self-care this year, whether that looks like a relaxing bath with a glass of wine or simply the five minutes of peace you have with your cup of coffee in the morning—anything that you can do to give yourself some semblance of a break is good for your mind, body, and soul.

That also includes the hair, skin, and makeup products you use on a daily (er...weekly?) basis. And, true to form, December did not disappoint when it came to new launches. From exfoliating cloths to finally get rid of that pesky keratosis pilaris, to a new K-beauty moisturizer to help you achieve that elusive glass-skin glow, these are the 17 best new beauty launches this month.


Bleu by R+Co Surreal Styling Serum


Finding a flexible hold that still feels touchable (never greasy or sticky) is tough for any hair product, but R+Co’s new couture collection, and sister to the original lineup, nails it with this styling serum. It’s lightweight enough for versatile styling options while also fortifying and strengthening your hair with the Bleu Molecule Complex, a proprietary technology exclusive to the brand. It might be time to update your hair routine for 2021, don’t you think?


Versed Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil-serum


This bi-phase oil and serum hybrid contains nourishing botanicals like camellia oil and sea buckthorn extract to banish redness, strengthen your skin barrier, and prevent dehydration. Calming vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate ensures that your skin stays smooth and even-toned, despite the harsh winter weather. We love that it feels perfectly lightweight while still packing a heavy dose of moisture.



Chloé Atelier des Fleurs Tuberosa 1974 Eau de Parfum


If you’re already a fan of Chloé fragrances, you’ll particularly love this new release—it’s an homage to the brand’s first-ever scent back in 1974 (hence the name) and offers a dazzling floral bouquet that perfectly captures Karl Lagerfeld’s original vision. It has a creamy, honey-like finish that’s sure to entrance any lover of florals. Consider it a wise investment in your perfume collection.


Shani Darden Facial Sculpting Wand


As much as we’d love to race to the west coast for a facial with Shani Darden, we’ll gladly settle for her new Facial Sculpting Wand, a new vibrating tool that harnesses sound-wave technology to target wrinkles 2.4 inches below the surface of the skin. Regular use will encourage circulation and boost your skin’s oxygen levels for a more radiant, chiseled complexion. If you’re looking for a relaxing addition to your morning face massage routine, this is it.



Tatcha The Dewy Serum Resurfacing and Plumping Treatment


Japanese beauty staple Tatcha knows a thing or two about radiant skin, which is why the new Dewy Skin Serum is at the top of our wish lists. It’s packed with Hadasei-3, a trademarked plant-derived hyaluronic acid, and renewable sugarcane squalane to hydrate, plump, and smooth your skin. If your complexion is looking lackluster after the holidays (we know ours is), this serum is here to rescue you.


NYX Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen


Crafting the perfect natural-looking brow does take some skill, but this tinted pen makes drawing those individual hairs a breeze. Pick from ten available shades (we tend to use a shade lighter than our hair), and draw in your brows wherever you see a gap. Brush through with a spoolie to soften the line, and you’ll have the fluffy brows of your dreams in no time.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-aging Hand Cream


If there’s one beauty investment we’re willing to make this year, it’s on quality hand creams. Dry winter weather plus multiple rounds of hand washing? Target dryness with this aloe-vera and prickly-pear-rich cream, and treat dark spots with daisy flower extract to help brighten. The added hyaluronic acid, mangosteen, and quince also help to plump that delicate skin and give your hands a more youthful look and feel.


Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment


Keratosis pilaris, aka that annoying chicken skin you might have on the back of your arms, is no match for the powerful blend of AHAs and BHAs in these polishing towels. The lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acids also work well on in-grown hairs and help to exfoliate and brighten your skin. Baby-bottom softness, right this way.


Danessa Myricks Twin Flames


Of course anything makeup artist Danessa Myricks creates will always make our best-of lists. This new multidimensional liquid eyeshadow comes in 10 different showstopping shades that can be worn alone or together to create a beautiful medley of vibrant metallic colors across the lid. These eyeshadows dry down fairly quickly for a finish that never creases and lasts all day.


Clarins Soothing Toning Lotion


Dry and sensitive-skinned folks, consider this your new go-to for the winter time. This toner contains purple coneflower and chamomile, two ingredients that calm any redness, flakiness, and inflammation in the skin. Chlorella and kelp extracts support the skin’s microbiome for a more balanced and moisturized complexion.


Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Super Moisture Conditioner for Dry + Damaged Hair


The sister product to Briogeo’s beloved moisturizing shampoo is finally here. Whether you’re dealing with heat damage, breakage, too much bleach, or environmental stress, this creamy conditioner uses a blend of argan oil, antioxidant-rich algae extract, and panthenol to repair, improve elasticity, and increase your hair’s moisture retention. If there was ever a time to prioritize moisture in your hair-care routine, winter is it.


Peach & Lily Glass Skin Water-gel Moisturizer


We are always looking for anything to give our complexions that glass-like reflective glow, and Peach & Lily’s new moisturizer does not disappoint. Vegan prebiotics work to regulate the microbiome of the skin, while hyaluronic acid adds a dewy bounce to the overall texture. Consider this new water-gel formula if you are looking to moisturize your skin intensely without adding too much of a slick sheen that might look oily.


True Botanicals Pure Radiance Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub


Not only do we have to battle dry, winter skin on our faces, but on our bodies, too. With organic sugar, sandalwood, and rich camellia and jojoba oils, this new clean sugar scrub has all the ingredients necessary to slough off dead skin cells and add moisture to the complexion underneath. Additionally, Kaolin clay works by soaking up any excess oil or sebum in the skin, meaning you’ll be left with a soft glow every time you use it in the shower.


IT Cosmetics Hello Results Wrinkle-reducing Daily Retinol Serum-in-Cream


We all love our skin-care routines that go into the double-digits in terms of product amount, but we cannot deny that we love two-in-one products that help us to get in and out of our bathrooms as quickly as possible. This new moisturizer contains encapsulated retinol, which is far more stable than any other form of retinol, to amp up the cell turnover process so gently that it’s even safe enough to use on sensitive skin. It’s also packed to the brim with niacinamide, which will help to diminish any hyperpigmentation.


Il Makiage After Party Next Gen Full Coverage Foundation


The After Party Foundation is a lightweight full-coverage foundation that leaves the skin with a semi-matte finish while still allowing for it to breathe throughout the day. With fifty shades to choose from, this new formulation will surely match your winter, summer, and everything-in-between shades. Just a pump of this product is generally enough for the entire face, so consider this foundation if you like the idea of a flawless face with just a drop of product. You can even add a few drops to your favorite moisture for a more sheer effect.


Bawdy The Bawdy Wash


When shopping for body washes, we love a clean formulation, delicious scent, and anything that doesn’t leave our skin feeling stripped or dry. The Bawdy Wash checks off all the things on our list and then some. This wash smells like a bouquet of flowers, leaving us with a sexy floral scent that lingers throughout the day. Seaweed helps to moisturize the skin, while Kaolin clay gently removes impurities and excess grime from the skin without ever stripping the good oils from our skin barriers.


Zara Waterlily Tea Dress


Zara and Jo Malone teamed up this year to deliver luxury quality scents at a price affordable to all. This new eau de parfum contains vert de bergamot, a note that is bright yet floral, mint for a refreshing kick, and sensual musk to round out the blend. Waterlily Tea Dress reminds us of the energizing yet deeply relaxing sensation of waking up in a sun-filled room on a Sunday morning.


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