Lip Velvet Crush, $30

Our judges fawned over this gloss-like lip color, which is applied with a cushion-tipped pen. The color payoff of the 12 shades, however, is more like a lip lacquer meets stain. In fact, judge Nina Park told us she “became obsessed with these” and immediately started using them on her celeb clients alone or on top of opaque lipsticks.

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“It goes on super sheer, almost like a tinted lip balm. Perfect for days when you want to wear lip color, but you don’t have a mirror.” —Kahlana Barfield Brown

“This feels like the new lip oils we’re seeing more of. I love how it went on, but I love even more how it imparted not much more than a stain.” —Jane Larkworthy

“I loved applying this lip stain. The felt end was so satisfying to use and the stain dried almost like a matte lipstick.” —Marianna Hewitt

Best Steal


#Lipstories, $8

We couldn’t believe this lipstick is only $8. Not only because the packaging is so cool (and different for all 40 shades), but because the formula is top notch: “The color pay off in the matte textures blew me away,” said Nina. And everyone raved about the hydration.

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Most Versatile


Backstage Lip Palette, $49

These are nine of the most wearable, blendable lip shades in one lightweight package, making it a no-brainer for your purse or when traveling. “I love to use this on the lips and the cheeks,” said judge Daniel Martin. Plus, Kahlana told us, “it feels like a balm.”

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