Katie Becker

Katie Becker is the beauty director here at Coveteur where she leads coverage of makeup, skin care, hair, and fragrance, as well as profiles on beauty experts around the world. She came up in the beauty world at W and Harper’s Bazaar print magazines, but her beauty career began in her rainy hometown Seattle where every good hair day was an earned one.

Get to know Katie

Q. What was your beauty routine like in high school?
A. “I had crazy perfect skin until the age of 19 (don’t be jealous, I’ve battled severe cystic acne ever since and currently use drugs to manage it), so a skin routine was non-existent. I did, however, love to ring my waterline with black Maybelline eye pencil and plenty of mascara. My bedroom walls were covered in dramatic editorials from W, but I never tried anything very daring.”
Q. What’s your usual morning routine?
A. “I wake up to Janelle Monae ‘I Like That’ as my alarm every morning. I go straight to the kitchen to start the kettle for green tea and turn on WNYC for the news. I usually get sucked into work on my phone and then find myself rushing to get out the door, so my speedy makeup routine includes a buffing brush to apply liquid foundation quickly, a discontinued Sephora spray-on blush that blends instantly, a pencil liner quickly tight lined around my eyes (I still do this, I know, but now I use eggplant instead of black), sheer cream shadow, and a lightweight mascara.”
Q. Who is the coolest person you’ve ever met?
A. “One of my greatest interviews was with Francesco Clark of Clark’s Botanicals who is a living embodiment of optimism.”
Q. Who is your favorite designer?
A. “To wear, Rachel Comey. To watch, Marc Jacobs.”
Q. What beauty product are you most particular about and why?
A. “I am fascinated by all-natural beauty products because they’re way harder to formulate. So when one crosses my desk, I’m much more intrigued as to whether their textures and benefits really pay off.”
Q. What’s your beauty pet peeve?
A. “Excessive packaging. I want the beauty industry to catch up in the waste-reduction department.”

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