Nina Park

Nina Park is one of the top celebrity and editorial makeup artists in the game. When she’s not at home in New York City, she’s traveling the world with clients like Zoë Kravitz, Brie Larson, and Laura Harrier. She also has great style—one of her favorite pastimes is to explore vintage stores in the countries that she visits.

Get to Know Nina

Q. What was your beauty routine like in high school?
A. “Washed my face with Clinique bar soap, followed by Clinique Clarifying Lotion and Cetaphil moisturizer. I also used Stridex pads. For makeup, MAC Face and Body, Physicians Formula bronzer, Lancôme Juicy Tube gloss, and Bobbi Brown Blush.”
Q. What’s your usual morning routine?
A. “If I have the morning off, I pour myself a cold brew (all year round). For breakfast I have Kefir with flax seeds, granola and blueberries. I go to Barre class at Chalk Gyms in Williamsburg or personal training. I read through trades/magazine, and listen to music really loudly (currently, Sex After Cigarettes).”
Q. Who is the coolest person you’ve ever met?
A. “Hillary Clinton.”
Q. Who is your favorite designer?
A. “The Row, Balenciaga, Sandy Liang.”
Q. What’s a fun travel story from your adventures?
A. “This year I had to travel to London for work and was convinced that the hotel we stayed in was haunted. I set multiple alarms on my phone and requested a wake up call to ensure I would be up for an early call time. I fell into a crazy deep, sleep and woke up to pounding at my door. The client’s team were worried as they tried calling my room and phone several times. Nothing went off and my phone was dead.”
Q. What beauty product are you most particular about and why?
A. “Definitely skincare and foundations. I always test new products on myself for a week to see how it wears, feels and dries down before adding anything to my kit.”
Q. What’s your beauty pet peeve?
A. “Too much of anything: excessive use of foundation, concealer, powder, highlighter. Overly exaggerated lips or painted on brows. Another pet peeve? When foundation is not blended down to the neck/chest.”

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