Marianna Hewitt

Marianna Hewitt is a beauty expert, creator of her blog Life with Me, and co-founder of the brand Summer Fridays. She’s been named influencer of the year by WWD and beauty influencer of the year by Revolve. And we love her because she’s just dang smart and lovely.

Get to Know Marianna

Q. What was your beauty routine like in high school?
A. “My dad would take me to beauty counters of department stores and would have them teach me how to do my makeup and tell me which products to buy—so my love of product and education started so long ago. I learned about contouring in my junior year of high school when someone at a MAC counter gave me dark bronzer and a 168 brush.”
Q. What’s your usual morning routine?
A. “I wake up around 7am and check emails in bed and respond to anything urgent. I’ll make myself a smoothie then scroll on Instagram.”
Q. Who is the coolest person you’ve ever met?
A. “Does being in the same room as Oprah count as meeting?”
Q. Who is your favorite designer?
A. “Alexander Wang—I buy so many of the T by Alexander Wang pieces; I love elevated basics.”
Q. What’s a fun travel story from your adventures?
A. “One time on a flight home from Ibiza, four people around me had Jet Lag Mask in their carry on bags. Was such a cool moment!”
Q. What beauty product are you most particular about and why?
A. “Skincare. I have sensitive skin and have too many times tried a new product that didn’t agree with my skin type.”
Q. What’s your beauty pet peeve?
A. “I dislike when items are limited edition. I’ll find a new product that I love and can’t live without, only to find out it’s not a permanent item and then I have to stock up and buy multiple. Or when an item gets discontinued—this happened with my favorite lip liner from Urban Decay.”

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