Urban Decay

All-Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer, $29

“This is a powerful concealer,” said judge Nina Park, who suggests blending the potent formula with your fingertip where needed, like under your eyes. “One small dab is all you need for maximum coverage.” The payoff can be explained by the formula’s 73% higher pigment load than Urban Decay’s other popular creamy concealer. And its 14 shades cover a huge range of skin tones. Daniel Martin suggested using this one on particularly persistent blemishes that still show through foundation—this concealer will hide them instantly.

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“Great all-day coverage. If you’re looking for a concealer to last hours and hours, this held up all day or night.” —Marianna Hewitt

“This stuff can cover up a tattoo, it’s that concentrated. But what I really love is the natural satin-y finish.” —Katie Becker

“A little went a long way. I would wear this on days when I don’t want to wear makeup, but need to cover minor imperfections.” —Kahlana Barfield Brown

Easiest to Use


BarePro 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer, $24

Our judges all commented on how straightforward this stick concealer was to use. “Full coverage but lightweight all at the same time,” said Marianna Hewitt. “No nonsense,” said Jane Larkworthy. And it was clear that the 15 shades were carefully created. “I was impressed with this concealer,” said Kahlana Barfield Brown. “Especially with how they nailed the undertones for some of the darker shades.”

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Best Steal

Flower Beauty

Light Illusion Full Coverage Concealer, $10

Editors and beauty experts love a creamy concealer formula for its thorough yet blendable coverage, which is why several judges were pleased to see this one at such an accessible price point. “The formula was so easy to blend in with fingers,” said Nina. “This is ideal for on-the-go, everyday concealing.” We like it so much we’re hoping to see an expanded shade range beyond the current six soon.

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