Jane Larkworthy

Jane Larkworthy is one of the best-known beauty editors in New York City. She was the longtime beauty director at W magazine and, today, writes for Coveteur among other publications while killing it on both of her Instagrams (she has a food-focused account, too). And we also shot her amazing closet, naturally.

Get to Know Jane

Q. What was your beauty routine like in high school?
A. “Acne medication, which was putty colored, so I thought I was fooling everyone by doubling it as foundation—FAIL. Black eye pencil, which I melted down with a lit match so it would almost go on like liquid liner (there was no liquid liner available to consumers back then), black mascara, and a curling iron. I was not skilled.”
Q. What’s your usual morning routine?
A. “I usually wake up before my husband and slip into the living room with my laptop, where I catch up on emails and maybe do a little Instagram scrolling. When the dog wanders in, I’ll take her out, then return to my spot on the couch until I have to head out on appointments around 9:30 or so. No breakfast; just my crazy morning drink of kombucha and cold brew over ice in a big Mason jar. Go ahead and judge. My microbiome is content.”
Q. Who is the coolest person you’ve ever met?
A. “GREAT question. Jill Kargman.”
Q. Who is your favorite designer?
A. “The Row.”
Q. What’s a fun travel story from your adventures?
A. “The activewear clothing line Aether invited me on a backcountry skiing trip to Baldface Lodge in British Columbia two winters ago, and it was a dream come true. Skiing through the trees on mounds upon mounds of virgin powder was thrilling enough, but it was also a great group of people. One of those press trips where everyone gets along and has a blast. I was the ‘old girl’ on the trip, but my skills held up.”
Q. What beauty product are you most particular about and why?
A. “SKIN CARE. My search for the moisturizer that both calms, hydrates and (fine) tightens my complexion has been an ongoing lifelong quest.”
Q. What’s your beauty pet peeve?
A. “It’s a tie between the eyeliner flick and painted on feathered eyebrows.”

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