L’Oréal Paris

Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara, $11

Whip this out for full brows fast. In three shades plus a clear (for those blessed in the brow hair department), this water-resistant gel-mousse formula grooms and tints so effortlessly that judge Marianna Hewitt said: “I love love love this! The applicator applied the product just how I like it on my brows.” Our other judges also commented on the tiny precise brush which helps lend the natural effect. Now we’re just hoping an extended shade range comes next!

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“I’m really into this small slanted brush, and it gave great coverage and set for the brows.” —Daniel Martin

“I will make this my go-to recommendation for a brow gel from now on. I like it even better than the pricier ones.” —Katie Becker

“I have drunk the brow groomer Kool-Aid. This one is proof that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good brow groomer.” —Jane Larkworthy

Finest in Class


Arch Nemesis 4-in-1 Brow Pencil, $24

One very fine tip on this dual-ended pencil makes it super easy to create hair-like lines and, on the other end, a triangular “lead” can be used for thick fill-in strokes. The brush on the cap makes it so handy. No wonder it was Kahlana Barfield Brown’s all-around favorite in the category.

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Most Profesh

Benefit Cosmetics

Brow Contour Pro, $34

Once you get over the ingenious nostalgia factor of this clicky pen (remember these from school?!), this four-shade brow pencil will make you feel like a pro brow artist. You get two brow shades, a lighter shade to trace an edge, and a highlighter for your brow bone. The student becomes the master.

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