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An Astrological Breakdown of Spring’s Biggest Trends

Which sign should hop on the micro miniskirt train?

As we enter Pisces season, fashion month marches on, and the weather warms just enough for us to remember we once had personal style—it’s exciting to start thinking about how to incorporate emerging trends into your spring wardrobe. It can also be overwhelming, so we broke down which zodiac sign we think should try each trend we’ve been enjoying, from dopamine dressing to balletcore. Be sure to check both your sun and rising signs!

Aries: Beach, Please

If any sign is going to normalize wearing a bikini top as a layering piece, it’s Aries. Your confidence will eclipse any skeptics and you’ll enjoy pushing the envelope (while looking amazing).

Taurus: Pajama Game

We aren’t necessarily condoning your university sweats, but a silk or cotton pajama set is big Taurus energy. You love your comfort, and why should you sacrifice it when you leave your beautifully-curated home?

Gemini:The Collaboration Craze

As the supreme networkers of the zodiac, Geminis can appreciate a good collaboration; and after the success of buzzy partnerships like Gucci x North Face, we are sure to see more on the horizon. In fact, you might want to set a Google alert for Nike x Jacquemus; we hear that dream collaboration might be imminent, and we know you want to be the first to spread the news.

Cancer: Mohair Moment

Chances are, you've already knitted all your loved ones scarves this winter, so now’s your chance to direct that care towards yourself for once. Indulge in the mohair trend for a cute, cozy ’90s throwback.

Leo: Dopamine Dressing

In case you need permission to be a maximalist (doubtful), this is your sign! Bright colors, funky patterns—you’re the main character, and this is the trend that will ensure everyone else knows.

Virgo: Balletcore

Discipline, grace, attention to detail: all traits that Virgos and ballerinas share. You already have the posture, all you need is a leotard, leg warmers, and a turnout.

Libra: Sparkle Motion

Libra, you beautiful social butterfly, already light up a room. Why not add some literal sparkle? Sequins abounded on the runway this fashion month, so you’ll be ahead of the curve, where you belong.

Scorpio: Get Intimate

As the rulers of the nether regions, Scorpio is the zodiac’s sexiest sign. Embrace this by wearing a bra as a top, a bustier layered over a t-shirt, or maybe allow the straps of your underwear peek out from low rise jeans for a Y2K moment.

Sagittarius: Micro Mini Mania

With the Miu Miu seal of approval, the micro miniskirt is back. Brave, adventurous, and unbothered by a potential wardrobe malfunction, you, Sagittarius, are the sign to lead the charge.

Capricorn: The Bold Shoulder

Capricorns, you would’ve rock a power suit in the ’80s. With Demna Gvasalia’s shoulder pad revival at Balenciaga, now is your chance to try this striking silhouette. Capricorns rule the body’s skeleton, so this bone structure exaggeration will suit you well.

Aquarius: Pants with Prints

You know you’re different, so leave the lowly blue jean to the rest of the zodiac. Experiment with some colorful pants this spring, Aquarians, and don’t be afraid to mix patterns!

Pisces: Twee Revival

If I were to assign Belle and Sebastian—the poster-child band for the hipster twee era—an astrological sign, it would be Pisces. Sensitive, dreamy, and poetic, a Pisces needs a pair of Mary Janes to stare down at while they play a ukulele or confess a crush.

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