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It’s the Year of the Tiger—See What 2022 Has In Store For You

Happy Lunar New Year!

lunar new year

Today marks the Lunar New Year, with 2022 noted as the Year of the Tiger. Traditions and customs on this day vary depending on where you’re from and family customs, but generally center on the overall theme of wishing your loved ones health and prosperity, and welcoming in good luck for the new year. To unearth a bit more about those very traditions and what 2022 has in store for all of us, we chatted with renowned Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin.

“Tigers are commonly unpredictable, aggressive, and active,” says Pun-Yin. “These traits can be seen in the upcoming year, marking a good time for passion and drive. It’s also the Year of the Water Tiger making it a year of revival and progress,” adds Pun-Yin.

Read more below to hear Pun-Yin’s thoughts on traditions, the challenges that lie ahead, and her advice for tackling the upcoming year head-on.

Generally, it is believed the zodiac’s sign year is most unlucky, what can Tigers expect this year? Any advice for Tigers?

“Generally speaking, people born in the year of the Tiger, Snake, Monkey, and Boar may have a challenging cycle ahead if they have not had a good Feng Shui environment to protect them, ensuring calmness and clarity. To help them, anyone who wants to have a sense of peace and empowerment to ride the fluctuating cycle of the uncontrollable Tiger should tap into the positive energy orientation of the NE direction. This can be done by energizing the NE section of your seating areas, and through having a flowering plant with red flowers and the planter be a stimulating tone of Burgundy.

“Start the day looking at this plant nurturing and inviting strong mental energy for use during the day. If there is a window there, it should be opened and tap into the energy strengthening factors of the sky (solar) and plant (wood) energies. With the enhanced Feng Shui energy here, among other energy meridians at the site, using this area to create plans, conduct important phone calls, and do prayers could yield favorable results.”

What is your advice for the New Year?

“The priority is nurturing emotional calmness in order to focus on building and protecting the finances—don’t act on fear and anger. The volatility to the stock market caused by political, climatic factors is inevitable, so try to accumulate cash for emergency funds and capture opportunities, where possible. Opportunities are plenty for those with good Feng Shui, as it enables clarity.

“Be wise by not participating in events with anger and negative emotions. In order to prepare for calming and healing of the overactive mind during the year of the tiger, during the timeframe of 9 - 11 pm (which is the Water Element cycle of the day), have a shower or bath to cleanse the tension and confusion in this cycle. This way, you can sleep better to refresh your body, mind, and spirit to prepare for another day.”

How can we welcome in good positive energy for this new year?

“Thought has power, so, from February 1 - 5th, as you are shaping your energy mode in the new lunar cycle, guide your mind with positive thoughts and engage only with people you have harmonious relationships with. Also, lighten up your mind and energy field during the hours of 5 - 7 pm, and find some time to listen to Mediterranean or jazz music.”

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