2016 election


CBS News Anchor Norah O’Donnell on Broadcasting During a Trump Presidency

The award-winning journalist also shares her most valuable career advice.


Call Me a Nihilist, but I Saw Donald Trump’s Election Coming Last Year

Marjon Carlos wasn’t totally surprised things went the way they did a year ago, but has high hopes that there could be a silver lining to all of this.


The Feminist Lipstick Brand That Is Bringing the Movement to Everyone

A year after Donald Trump’s election, The Lipstick Lobby is part of a growing number of companies that are making activism trendy.


Everything Donald Trump Has Done Since The Inaguration

The Cliffs Notes version of all his executive orders.


An Open Letter To Paul Ryan

Planned Parenthood saves lives, and it might have saved your father.


Just Wondering: What Exactly Do Trump’s Executive Orders Mean?

Related question: are we all f*cked?


Trump’s Inauguration: What Just Happened?

We are all Michelle Obama.


7 Excellent Reasons to March This Weekend

Courtesy of some of our most inspiring friends in fashion.

It's in the Bag
Pine & Eucalyptus Diffuser
Jo Malone London

Pine & Eucalyptus Diffuser


A Brief History of the Women’s March on Washington

Including why some feminists are sitting it out.


Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Zendaya, and Cher: The Famous Faces Joining The Women’s March on Washington

Celebs are gearing up to fight for our rights. Plus: A before-you-go guide for those who plan to march with them.


Liz Plank Talks Internet Fame and Surviving Donald Trump

Vox’s senior correspondent explains why your election anxiety is totally rational.


Wise Words from Smart Women to Get You Through Inauguration Day

Stick them on a Post-it, make them your mantra, do whatever you have to to never forget them.


A Handy Primer on Trump’s Cabinet

These are names you really, really, *really* need to know.


Meet the Activist Who’s Probably Going to Save Us All

As the president and CEO of the Ms. Foundation, Teresa Younger is changing the world.


The Most Inspiring Thing You’ll Read All Day

Teresa Younger, president of the Ms. Foundation, on her reaction after the election, and why now is the time to act.


How to Protect Yourself Now from Shifting Political Policy

You know, if you’re not a white, cis, straight male.


7 Very Bright Spots from Last Week’s Election

Even though Hillary lost, some women made history on Tuesday.

In 60 Seconds

How to Avoid Political Family Fights in 60 Seconds

Good news: you *can* go home for Thanksgiving!


The Awe-Inspiring Attendees of NYC’s Love Rally

Love trumps hate, indeed.


The Election Is Over. Now What?

How we’re taking the first steps forward.


America Has a New President

Our political columnist is shocked.


How to Celebrate if the Election Goes Your Way

Crossing fingers, toes, limbs, *everything*.


Election-Day Anxiety Is Real

So here’s how to chill the eff out before tonight’s presidential race results.


Recipes to Make and Stress-Eat at Your Election Night Party

They’re inspired by countries to move to, if worse comes to worst.


It’s Time to Vote!

The one reason why this is non-optional.


This Activist is Putting LBGTQ Rights in the Spotlight

Sejal Singh’s passion is contagious.


3 Patriotic Nail Designs

For your election-night crossed fingers.


How to Have Fun in Washington, DC (Seriously!)

No, the nation’s capital isn’t all politics.


The More Women In Power, The More Women In Power

Sharon Ainsberg goes all in on why all Americans must vote.


The Woman Fighting for Marginalized Workers’ Rights in DC

Carmen Berkley will make you feel empowered and optimistic about politics. Promise.


Meet the Woman Running the Most Powerful Social Change Campaigns

Civic Nation’s Jenn Brown is making a real difference when it comes to putting an end to sexual assault on campus and unequal pay for equal work.

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