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A Guide to Fall Style, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologist Alice Bell steers you on what to wear this season.

fall style

From time to time, we all find ourselves completely undecided about what to pick from our closet or lack the inspiration to put an outfit together. Suddenly, it can feel like we don't know how to dress anymore. But if you've ever consulted an astrologist or birth chart to tackle life's other pickles, perhaps it's time to apply this approach to your wardrobe, as resorting to astrology for fashion advice could be the perfect way out of a rut.

Each zodiac element and astrological sign have specific behavioral traits, as well as aesthetic inclinations, that can help determine what sartorial choices resonate with an individual. To that end, we asked astrologist Alice Bell to provide insights on each sign's fashion POV and help gear us toward the specific clothing—including favorite colors and accessory choices—that will spark some inspiration. Read on for an astrology reading of sorts, one that comes with plenty of sign-specific shopping suggestions for your fall style.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire signs usually want to leave a mark and, as a consequence, their style won't ever be basic or neutral, Bell tells us. Bold and bright colors, such as red or orange, and sequined or embellished outfits are indeed second nature to them. "Leo wants to get noticed for what they wear, so they may like dresses with a cool silhouette or something that turns heads—they like to look glamorous," says Bell. "Sagittarius is a world traveler, so their many trips may inform how they dress, and they may go over the top with accessories like feathery handbags or statement sunglasses," she adds. "Aries is the slightly more active out of the three, so they may like clothing that is a little easier to move around in."

Bulla Babies 65


Pearl Knit Crew Neck

From Future

Circle of Life

La Manso

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

When it comes to earth signs, style is all about practicality. Staple pieces that pair well and easily with anything in their wardrobe are must-haves. They adore neutral colors and clothing that is comfortable and timeless. "Capricorn and Taurus both have a very traditional and expensive-looking style, like a classic trench coat or a silk scarf," advises Bell. "Virgo is probably the most basic out of the earth signs and also a big fan of athleisure because their health is very important to them." For all three earth signs, Bell ultimately recommends a great pair of jeans, cashmere sweaters, basic tees, loafers or ballet flats, and for accessories, something practical like a tote bag.

Branded Scarf

Acne Studios

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

As Bell observes, air signs love to be at the cutting edge of trends and really much enjoy buying from emerging designers. Natural born show-offs, they want to wear original pieces that no one else owns, like unique prints or fun accessories like a cool pair of heels or a tiny purse. They like to experiment a lot with their outfits and for that reason, they don't shy away from wearing colors, but nothing super daring. "They may be more into softer, floral prints or cooler shades of green and blue," declares Bell. "Libra is more social and flirty, so they like dresses that transition from day to night. For Aquarius, I think of a brand like Paloma Wool where there are always odd prints. As for Gemini, I think of a mashup of different items and prints together. Air signs aren't afraid to take style risks!"

Knit Sweater

Holiday the Label

No 1013/Ramen

Paloma Wool

Mini Swipe Bag


Water Signs

Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

The most sensitive of the zodiac, water signs have a penchant for calm, pastel hues and, as opposed to their fiery counterparts, they don't like to steer too much attention towards them with loud colors. "Pisces prefers colors like purple, turquoise, and light blues and clothing with a sheen to it that feels kind of mystical," suggests Bell. "Cancer has a nostalgic style, so they like vintage silhouettes, though both signs like clothes they can lounge around in as they're very introverted," she concludes. With the last one left of the water signs, it's a whole other story. Scorpio is a bit like the odd one out because they are into wearing dark colors, especially black. "Scorpio is kind of a sexual sign, so they may like clothing that has unexpected cutouts or is very form-fitting but not too revealing—the way they make a statement is very subtle," says Bell. "For a Scorpio, I think of black leather boots and a leather jacket."

Daniel Sweater

Isabel Marant Étolie

Ashley Coat


Low Raid Boot

Simon Miller

Regenerated Moon Jeans

Marine Serre
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