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The Best Self-Care Rituals for Each Zodiac Sign

The answers to (some) of your problems could be written in the stars.

astrology self care

I've always placed my fate in forces that I could not see, so my affinity towards astrology is understandable. Astrology creates a tangible and tactile vocabulary for the building blocks that stack together to create me, soothing the emotional connective tissues. For Gelika Bücker, an astrologer with a degree in industrial psychology, the appeal is the same: "The more you start learning about yourself, it allows you to gain insight and different perspectives of yourself. Astrology talks about every aspect of your life," she tells me. "It reveals truths you are too scared to admit, which causes you to understand yourself so much better. You can start trusting yourself much more."

A 2017 Pew Research Center poll found that 30 percent of Americans believe in astrology. By now, that percentage is probably even greater. The poll doesn't include the number of people who know their sun sign or have adopted the term "Mercury retrograde" into their conversational lexicon. Even those furthest removed from the eye of astrology's cultural storm still feel the effects. Many attribute astrology's rise to several factors: the decline of the church as a community gathering center, the ever-present threat of climate change, the thick awareness of economic precarity in the air. There's also more recent events, like the most recent presidency, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the January 6th insurrection that may have sent people looking for a source of insight, connection, and stability.

In her piece about the rise in the number of millennial women who are becoming Catholic nuns, Eve Fairbanks discusses Nietzsche's theory that even though "Western society had killed God," there was still an underlying desire for religion, a want for someone else to take the wheel. She goes on to say:

More than half of millennials still tell pollsters they believe they're going to be millionaires. Most of us expected to achieve idyllic marriages, even though so many of our parents had divorced. We were taught that anything you hoped for could be achieved with the right planning, that life is a series of hacks: fabulous tricks, but ones that have a reliable code for how to repeat them.

"Of course, none of this was true. The tech bubble burst. There was 9/11 and the financial crisis and the surprise election of a reality-TV tycoon as president—all things that loosened our faith in the world's goodness and in our comprehension of and control over things."

What Can Your Astrological Birth Chart Tell You?

In the Journal of Personality and Clinical Studies, a 1987 report stated that astrology—when the birth chart is exact and the astrologer is highly skilled in interpretation—can offer a deeper understanding to one's self, allowing one to gain insights into different situations that are ongoing in their life and decide on a direct plan of action. Seth Jubb, a New York City–based astrologer, agrees with the concept. He's now at a point of astrological understanding where he can reference his transit chart to understand his current emotional state. "I know how my natal planets are moving," he tells me. "And that helps me break down why I might be feeling overwhelmed, challenged, or anxious. Then that insight empowers me to see where I can refocus my energy to offset those negative emotions."

Chrissy Rutherford, a fashion and social media expert, is very vocal about the role that astrology plays in her life. In an edition of her newsletter, she talks about her first birth chart reading with astrologer Rebecca Gordon and how it was the first time she'd felt seen. "So much of my inner world that felt intensely private to me was reflected back to me by this stranger," Rutherford writes. "In many ways, it gave me a boost in confidence, quelled fears I had around my progress in my life—even going through some of the more difficult placements in my chart made me feel like I wasn't alone."

Astrologer Alice Bell has noticed similar experiences with her clients: "Looking at your birth chart, you're able to gain greater self-awareness, so you can notice what patterns you keep repeating in your life, what your emotional tendencies are, how you instinctively react, and how you can improve that," she tells me. Dr. Jaclyn Bauer, PhD, clinical psychologist, and founder of Virtue Supplements, adds that she does believe that astrology gives people reasons and explanations for things that they wouldn't be able to come to on their own. "People often express discomfort with the unknown and want to feel like they have control in unknowable or uncontrollable situations or life events," she tells me. "Astrology can give them the comfort and answers they are seeking."

How Is Your Moon Sign Tied to Your Inner State?

Your Moon sign rules your emotions, says Michelle Fedrizzi, an L.A.-based astrologer and the founder and owner of Auric. "Like the Moon, we move through cycles of emotions as they ebb and flow where the Moon moves in our chart." Looking into your natal chart to see where your Moon is housed can give you better insight on how to deal with your emotions. "Understanding Moon sign characteristics can help you understand how you process your emotions, respond to stressful situations, or cope with trauma," adds Lauren DeGolia, Cosmos Vita's astrologist.

Below, Fedrizzi breaks down the different tools that can help you manage your feelings based on your placement.


"Focus on allowing yourself to lead in a new way in your life. Everything is an invitation to expand and evolve in our lives, and when our emotions take over, we get to look at them and see what they are saying, but also how they are asking us to evolve. When you notice your emotions taking over, this is a key moment to ask yourself the following: "How can I lead differently in my life? What have I outgrown? How can I step into a higher version of myself?" Journal out your responses and then create practical tools to help you lead differently in your life."

Minimalism Art

Notebook Journal


"Bring in all things luxury and beauty! The second house rules money, and when your Moon lands in your second house, you may want to go on a shopping spree to feel better, but the best thing for you to do is to bring in something beautiful, whether it is fresh flowers, a piece of art that you made, et cetera, to help remind you that better times are coming.

You can get caught up when your emotions take over and go into scarcity, which is the other side of abundance, which is why it is important to remind yourself of beautiful things to keep you balanced. You can go into nature to be reminded that abundance is all around you—as mother earth is so abundant—and once you step into nature, you will see all of your emotions be fully released."


Emmanuel Ignatius

Capri Dolce Vita

Capri Dolce Vita


"Call a friend, therapist, or family member to have a conversation about what you are going through. The best way for you to release emotions is to lean on your support systems, whether it is people you are close to or someone who has a similar interest. Sometimes we just have to talk it out, and the third house deals with communication, meaning you need to physically use that voice to talk out your problems and emotions—even if they are just a sounding board for you to create your own solutions and see everything clearly."


"Because we store so much of emotions in the home, whether it is in old objects or old lingering energy that is still in the home, if the Moon lands in your fourth house, consider a nice, thorough clean. You can move your furniture around, clean the home—physically deep clean, as cleaning is therapeutic and helps you to physically release what you are feeling and have breakthroughs. You can get rid of old items that you are no longer using or even bring in new items that integrate this newer version of who you are becoming."

The Firecracker



"Go have some fun! When we get caught in a roller coaster of emotions, we can get into a deep funk, but when your Moon lands in the fifth house, it is asking you to express your emotions through creativity and fun. You can do some art therapy and nonverbal expression by painting or drawing how you feel, or you can even go for a walk outside.

When dealing with your emotions, it does not always have to be doom and gloom. Sometimes the best way to get them out is through nonverbal expression and having fun, to remember what life is all about. Take a trip and see something new, and as you do, you will remember that what you are dealing with is so small and you are actually past it."

Gift Card

American Airlines


"You will notice that your emotions that are stored end up showing up in your physical body, and if you are not expressing them, it can create aches, pains, and diseases in the body. The best way for you to focus on releasing and managing your emotions is through a workout routine. Release your emotions by physically getting them out through yoga, a run, Pilates, HIIT, going for a walk, hiking, et cetera. You will need to physically stretch the body, as we store all of our undealt-with emotions in the body. Move the body!"

Monthly Membership

Melissa Wood Health

Free TR8



"Lean on your relationship with your partner or your close friends. When we go through hard times, we may want to bottle them up and shut down from the people around us, but this is a time to go deeper and create deeper connections with the ones we have around us. Speak to those who you love and allow them to support you and hold space for you, as they can also help you find solutions."


"If your Moon lands in the eighth house, this is the time for you to explore the shadows of your emotions and find out where they came from, whether it's through therapy or journaling or by calling a hotline—not to get scared of the darkness, but understand the darkness, because without dark we cannot have light. This is your time to understand where you may have addictions, where you are scared of facing yourself, and where your greatest fears are, and then transmute them. Embrace your shadows, as there is much power to be uncovered within you in these spaces."

If you or anyone you know is anxious, depressed, or needs to talk, there are people who can help:

Disaster Distress Helpline: 800-985-5990

Crisis Text Line: Text "CRISIS" to 741741 for free, confidential crisis counseling

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

The Trevor Project: 866-488-7386


"When your Moon lands in your ninth house, the best way to manage your emotions is to dive into philosophy and spiritual tools. For example, you may not understand your emotions and what you are going through, but if you start to read more on philosophy, the mind, and physical body, you will have a better understanding of how everything is connected and stems from a root cause.

"The ninth house rules our education and spiritual practice, and oftentimes the best way to heal and work through your emotions is through education so you can better understand yourself. You can also use different spiritual practices like tarot, astrology, human design, mysticism, et cetera, to dive deeper into exploring your emotions, as these end up being your outlets to express yourself freely without judgment."

You Were Born For This

Chani Nicholas


"The tenth house focuses on career, and oftentimes when you are overloaded with emotions, the best thing to do is to focus on something productive; that means turn your anger and grief into a healthy project that helps people live a better life—including you!"


"Use your emotions to make changes in your community and for the collective. If you have emotions around injustice or what you see is not fair in a community, then allow yourself to use your voice on social media or create a nonprofit to help bring a change and awareness to this topic. The more you pour into something that matters, then you will realize your emotions were never in vain."

Volunteer with Gyrl Wonder

"Gyrl Wonder is an innovative initiative giving rise to ambitious young women of color ages 17 - 23. Rooted in professional development, access and opportunity, mental and physical health & wellness, Gyrl Wonder exposes and prepares mentees for the careers and opportunities of tomorrow, today."

Volunteer with RAINN

"RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization."

Volunteer with The Smithsonian Institution

"The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum, education, and research complex. We are a community of learning and the opener of doors."


"If your Moon lands in your twelfth house, this is letting you know that you are closing out old karma and old chapters—which means the best thing for you to do is learn to let go with love. You will want to hold on tight, as it is human nature, but the more you let go and understand everything is temporary, the faster you will get back to being happy once again. Trust the process, as once you let go, something better always comes in its place."

What If You Don't Know Your Moon Sign?

In order to know your Moon sign, along with the other detailed aspects of your natal chart, you need to know your exact birth time. If you don't have that information available, your Sun sign (the sign tied to your birthdate) can also give you access to understanding that energy allows you to care for yourself, says DeGolia. Below, she breaks it all down.

P.S. The Sun is the planet you're always growing into, says Bell. "Some people feel like their Sun sign doesn't resonate with them, but maybe that's a sign that you need to lean into that and do more activities related to that sign to feel a sense of purpose."

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

"Self-care might look like working out, taking your favorite dance class, blasting music, or rocking your favorite bold outfits. Doing these things just makes you feel better—they get you in alignment with who you really are."

Gaia Mini Dress

Farai London

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

"Self-care to you might look like taking a course or learning something new, studying or reading, chatting with a friend, or doing some breath work."

Early Rubens

Sasha Suda

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

"Self-care is likely going to be getting outside in nature, organizing or cleaning your space, working on your next big project, planning out your week, or cooking your favorite foods."

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

"Self-care is staying at home, having some quiet time to recharge, listening to your favorite tunes, taking a long, luxurious bath, or breaking out the arts and crafts for a creative break.

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