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We Tried It: This Serum Faded My Dark Spots in Under Two Weeks

It's worth adding to your routine...ASAP.

We Tried It
dieux serum review

I'll be honest, I have little to complain about when it comes to the general state of my skin. I've never had to deal with serious, cystic acne, just the occasional zit here and there, typically during that time of the month. But something changed once the pandemic hit. I'm not sure what the real cause behind my skin's rebellion was, but I'll chalk it up to stress wreaking havoc on my hormones. Regardless of the reason, a new pimple seemed to appear on my forehead and chin every single day. And even though I avoided picking the zits (for the most part), they still left behind the dreaded dark mark: post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I decided to change up my skin-care routine, and after about six to eight weeks of consistency, even though my dark spots hadn't completely faded, my skin appeared to reach a form of equilibrium—it was looking smoother, more even, and I'd managed to avoid any breakouts. Everything was great...until my skin started to freak out again. Around that same time, I received a sample of Dieux Skin's new Deliverance Serum. I noticed that it had niacinamide in the formula, an ingredient that helps soothe inflammation and solve pigmentation issues, so I decided to introduce it into my routine. It was a complete game changer for my skin—keep reading to find out why.

My Skin-Care Routine

Yes, the Dieux Skin Deliverance Serum was the product that really took my skin to the next level, but fading dark spots is a team effort. I'm not sure if the serum would've worked as well as it did without a consistent skin-care routine that worked in tandem with one another and my obsessive sunscreen application. And when I say obsessive...I mean obsessive. My bedroom gets a lot of natural light, which is amazing, but it also meant that from the moment I opened my eyes, I'd reach over and slather SPF all over my face, even if I hadn't washed my face yet. I also exercise at home, in front of a window, so I'd re-apply before my workout and every few hours afterwards. If I knew I'd be out and about all day long, I'd bring an SPF mist along with me to spritz on over my makeup to prevent future dark spots and to avoid worsening the ones I already had.

This was my full AM and PM routine:


Mint Renewal Cleanser

Renée Rouleau

Deliverance Serum

Dieux Skin

Skin Drink Concentrate

Renée Rouleau


My evening routine was the same as my morning routine, but instead of applying SPF, I would use Tatcha's The Water Cream, Differin Gel (a retinoid that I use about four to five times a week), and Kinship Kinskin Oat Ceramide Oil to lock moisture into my skin. During the summertime, I find that adding a face oil into my routine is a much-needed step to prevent the constant blast of air-conditioning from drying out my skin and producing even more acne-causing sebum.

Once a Week:

Dieux Skin's Deliverance Formula

The serum features a combination of ingredients that target irritation and inflammation.

Water lily complex: This ingredient helps to soothe your skin and reduce irritation.

Tripeptide complex:Peptides boost collagen production, which helps improve your skin's firmness while also minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

White tea and passionflower blend: These antioxidant-rich ingredients neutralize free radicals to protect your skin from environmental damage and smooth out fine lines.

Niacinamide: Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide evens out your skin's tone and texture, minimizes the appearance of pores, and strengthens your skin's outer layer.

Cannabinoid complex: The combination of three cannabinoids—CBD, CBG, and CBN—is the MVP of the serum's formula. Together, they work to protect your skin and soothe inflammatory responses to improve its overall appearance.

What Cannabinoids Can Do for Your Skin

The difference between the cannabinoid extracts in the Deliverance serum and the cannabinoids that other brands use is that Dieux Skin tested their formula to make sure that the ingredients were stable in order to prevent them from oxidizing or becoming inactive.

In their clinical study, they tested three different doses of cannabinoid complexes and found that each one reduced inflammation by day 10. The dose that made the final formula, however, was the lowest of all three cannabinoid extracts. Applied once daily, the study showed that it significantly reduced inflammation in five days. While a lot more testing has to be done in order to really solidify the claims around cannabinoids' anti-inflammatory properties, these results are definitely promising.

The Feel

One of my favorite qualities about the serum is the fact that it's so lightweight, you can barely feel it on your skin. It spreads easily across the skin and it's quickly absorbed, which means it doesn't leave a shiny film of grease on your face. Plus, it plays well with other products, so you don't have to worry about it pilling on your skin.

The Results

dieux serum review

This is a non-edited, unfiltered picture of my skin without makeup about two weeks after I started using the Deliverance serum. (I'm only wearing the Supergoop! Play sunscreen on my face, and I'd swiped on a couple layers of Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Lip Gloss in Clear.) Unfortunately, I don't have a makeup-free "before" picture, so you'll have to take my word for it, but this serum completely transformed my skin in a little over a week. My dark spots began to fade faster than they have before, the texture of my skin looked—and felt—smooth, and my skin's congestion in general significantly decreased. I immediately hit up my friends to spread the good word.

dieux serum review

This science-backed serum is now a mainstay in my skin-care routine, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. If you're struggling with congestion and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, I'd definitely recommend using the Deliverance Serum on your skin.

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