We Tried It

We Tried It

We Tried It

I Tried It: The Acupressure Mat That Relieved My Tech-Neck Woes

It helps me focus while working from home, too.


This $12 DIY Turmeric Mask Gave Me Picture-Perfect Skin

All the details on the recipe, plus the history of turmeric in beauty and wellness.


I Tried an At-Home Laser Treatment That Costs More Than My Rent

Here’s what happened to my skin—and whether or not it was worth the price tag.


What It’s Like to Get Custom Leather Pants

Two Coveteur editors with two very different body types tried it out.


I Tried the Rice-Water Treatment to Restore My Natural Hair

Hair expert Diane C. Bailey explains the science behind my results.


How I Created My Dream Pair of Air Force 1s

It all went down at Toronto’s Mack House.


We Tried the Hair Growth Supplement You’re Seeing Everywhere

Princess hair dreams, becoming a reality. In collaboration with Nutrafol.


I Had the Best Sew-In Experience Yet

My hair has never looked better.

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I Got a Butt Lift Without Going Under the Knife

And without spending seven days at the gym.


I Tried the *Other* Botox and This Is What Happened

Most people don’t know about Xeomin and Dysport, but they work almost the same.


I Tried a Fractional Laser Treatment for My Acne Scars

Putting Clear + Brilliant to the test.


I Tried a $1,400 Beauty Sandwich

Was it worth the price tag?


At-Home Dermarolling Is Weird, but It Actually Works

The magical results of rolling a bunch of micro needles on your skin.


I Tried Tinting My Eyebrows with Beard Dye

It’s not just for men, ladies.


Lady Gaga’s Facialist Sculpted My Cheekbones to Perfection

All the details on her pre-Met Gala skin-care treatment.


I Went Searching for 6-Pack Abs Via an Afternoon of EmSculpt

Dr. Ryan Neinstein gave us the scoop on the much-lauded non-invasive machine.


How Myofascial Release Therapy Can Help Relieve Pain

This isn’t your ordinary day at the spa.


I Got Rihanna’s $650 Facial, and Now I Have Cheekbones

Putting one of New York’s most expensive treatments to the test.


I Learned How to Surf, and I’ve Never Felt Better

In which I have my very own Blue Crush moment in the Dominican Republic.


I Might Have Found My Holy Grail Mascara

Length, curl, *and* volume.


My Vagina Got a Facial and Even the Extractions Were Great

What better way to practice self-love than with a soothing V-mask?


Vintner’s Daughter Finally Releases a Second Product

We got an exclusive first look at the Active Treatment Essence.


I Wanted Crazy-Glowy Skin This Winter, So I Got a CBD Facial

Is all the CBD hype really worth it?


We Tried IV Vitamin Therapy

IV as in: needle in your arm.


I’m Pretty Sure This Laser Treatment Is Clearing Out My Blackheads

My trips to Skin Laundry are yielding *stunning* results.


I Drank Collagen for 21 Days & This Is What Happened

It’s less gross than it sounds. Promise.