Here’s What Cuffing Season Has in Store for Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you're single or in a relationship, the stars are aligned.

cuffing season

Temperatures are dropping, major holiday season energy is looming, and the question of "to cuff or not to cuff" is entering the chat. For those of you who aren't familiar, cuffing season is the time of year when it gets colder and lasts for a "season," typically ending as outside temperatures heat up and the need to cuddle up with or "cuff" with a significant other (or others) is no longer needed. Blame it on the loneliness or the heightened desire for partnership with Thanksgiving and winter holidays on the horizon, but cuffing season tends to be a time where love is on the brain.

So, it should come as no surprise that a lot of us are looking into our horoscope readings more than ever. Cuffing season will look different for different signs. In order to help us better navigate our love endeavors, we tapped into the energetic prowess of Aliza Kelly. The astrologer, author, and host of Celebrity Astrology Investigation on PeopleTV walked us through what those single, in love, and/or looking for love want and need this season.

Whether you're currently single or in a relationship, the stars are aligned. Here's what cuffing season has in store for your zodiac sign.


Affirmation: "I am."

As the first sign in the zodiac, there's no wonder why the fiery Aries is known for their independence, singularity, and autonomy. "Aries as a single force is actually really quite remarkable and strong, and courageous and brave. Aries isn't afraid of being on its own," Kelly says. "Within the context of finding partnership, what Aries needs to focus on is compromise and balance, and creating harmony within their relationships so that it's not just all about them."


Affirmation: "I want."

For the bull of the zodiac, this season is rooted in physical connection and sensuality in their partnerships. "They want to have a very hands-on relationship with their partner. During cuffing season, finding new ways to express affection and physicality and closeness is really important for Taurus," Kelly explains.

The grounded earth sign is ruled by Venus and their desire to embrace loving rituals doesn't begin or end in a relationship. Even if they are single, the Taurus is still gravitating toward honoring their sensuality for themselves through acts of self-care "like taking baths and cooking really nutritious food and doing face masks and all of those nice sensual Taurus things."


Affirmation: "I think."

As an air sign fueled by curiosity and intellect, the twins of the zodiac are in search of the mirror of themselves during cuffing season. "Gemini as a couple is really looking for its other half," Kelly says. "Gemini wants to find someone who shares and who is someone that is like their twin."

The social quality about Gemini reigns supreme for those who are single. "Gemini should really focus on entertaining themselves, making sure that they fill their calendar with lots of holiday parties and different outings and social activities, so that they are nurturing themselves through their interpersonal connections," she advises.


Affirmation: "I feel."

Cancer is a water sign represented in the zodiac by the crab. Like a crab, they have soft, sweet interiors, and also like a crab, they don't want to expose what's underneath their hard exterior to just anyone. Kelly notes for Cancers, cuffing season is "really about building trust and establishing loyalty and cultivating relationships that allow them to feel safe and allow them to feel like they can let their guard down and that they can really expose their sensitivities and their emotional truths." Cancerians need attachments where commitment acts as the anchor.

Relationship building and the desire for a safe space is something single Cancerians relate to during this season as well. According to Kelly, single Cancers are "going to want to really support and strengthen their relationships with their friends, their family, the close people in their life, so that they can feel like they also are able to be honest and speak their truth and that they have the space to be the sensitive water signs that they are."


Affirmation: "I shine."

No one shines quite like the fiercely bold Leo. The fire sign loves to be in the spotlight, the center of attention, anything that amplifies them the way that they feel they deserve to be seen. In a partnership, the lion wants to feel as though their partner chooses them above all else. "They are really looking for a partnership where they feel seen, and they feel validated, and they feel like they're given the spotlight to shine."

Single Leos also desire to feel special but should make sure that they indulge those wants for themselves in this season. "Even if they haven't found their co-star, which is ultimately what a Leo is looking for in a relationship, they want to make sure that they are giving themselves plenty of opportunities to feel special, to feel like they are at the center." Kelly adds that taking a lot of thirst trap selfies is sufficient.


Affirmation: "I analyze."

So, a Virgo in a relationship and what a Virgo would be seeking and sort of what a Virgo has in store is someone who is....a Virgo wants to help. Virgos want to be of service. So, in a relationship, it would really be about the give and take of how each person can support each other. How each person can be kind and be helpful and offer solutions and create systems to make each individual's life a lot better. Single Virgos should really focus on making sure that their schedule allows for space for them to take on different hobbies and interests and put themselves in different situations so that they can meet different people whom they can socialize with outside of just their work and obligations, so that they are being of service to themselves by honoring all of their interests and passions.


Affirmation: "I balance."

Known for being the sign of the scales, harmony, balance, and partnership, Libra is the very essence of cuffing season. According to Kelly, the air sign doesn't just abide by the book of relationships, it writes it. In this season, Libra wants to find their counterbalance and "that person who is going to offer that support and create that equilibrium and that harmony." Despite it being one of their deepest desires, it is also attached to some of their deepest fears, as a Libra wants to connect but not at the cost of losing themselves in a relationship.

She adds, "It's really important for our bonded Libras to make sure that they are retaining their individuality and their autonomy and their independence, and that they aren't just acquiescing to the relationship and losing themselves within that dynamic."

Kelly advises that single Libras—who are struggling during this time of year because they want to be in a relationship—should just focus that attention inward. Find inner balance and inner harmony instead. By refocusing their energy and keeping things in perspective, they can focus on what they can control as well as their ability to manifest change.


Affirmation: "I investigate."

Scorpio follows Libra in the zodiac. The water sign that is represented by the scorpion has an energy that is all about taking what begins in Libra season to a deeper level. "Scorpio is when we start really processing intimacy and closeness. For Scorpios, who are in relationships, it is about taking those bonds to the next level. Both in terms of sexual and physical intimacy but also in terms of emotions, conversations, psychology, and talking about your past and talking about memories."

Scorpios should cultivate the committed partnerships they have by "going deep into the soil to build" relationships. She adds, "Single Scorpios should honor that same instinct, but just do it with themselves. This is a really good time to look inward, to journal, to work with an astrologer or a tarot reader, or even a therapist, and really going into the past and uncovering and unlocking all of the different layers of who they are."


Affirmation: "I explore."

The ninth sign of the zodiac, the independent, adventurous Sagittarius is known for its wild, free spirit. Because the fire sign thrives on those feelings of flight freedom, they are looking for their co-pilot in life. "It's about finding someone who is going to go on explorations with you, and go on and discover an adventure and have the same sort of wanderlust and mirror that spirit," Kelly explains of the Sagittarius's desire in a life mate. "But, of course, it's very important to communicate what your expectations are in the relationship, so that you and your partner are on the same page and that no one has hurt feelings or a misunderstanding about what the terms of that relationship are based on."

And for single Sagittarians? "They're just disregarding cuffing season altogether. They give no shits about it at all. They're just off doing their own thing, celebrating their curiosities, and traveling and seeing the world, and exploring."


Affirmation: "I build."

As the last earth sign of the zodiac, the Capricorn is responsible, logical, practical, and always thinking of things in terms of scale. Questions centering around the big picture of things and how it can be of benefit, or how they can grow into it, are at the forefront. "During cuffing season, they're really interested in partnering up with people who are going to add value to their life, who are going to support their goals and ambitions, who are going to see them and encourage them to really be the best version of themselves," Kelly explains.

Single Caps need to focus on putting themselves out there and prioritizing making space for socializing, going on dates, and making themselves available to find a relationship. Don't just work to pay the bills, work to meet people who can facilitate the connection you're ultimately seeking to find as well.


Affirmation: "I improve."

The water bearer is all about being a visionary, an innovator, and being progressive; therefore, it should come as no surprise that during cuffing season, the Aquarius might not be looking at a traditional monogamous relationship. Because what they do and how they move is based more on their values and ethics and not societal values, they are redefining what the terms or expectations of a relationship are.

"An Aquarius' whole thing is about really honoring independence and freedom and the ability to make your own rules while still maintaining the essence of loyalty and connection. When it comes to relationships, they don't see freedom and loyalty as separate things," Kelly continues. "An ideal relationship for an Aquarius is one that offers it a lot of freedom and a lot of flexibility, but [is] also something that is loyal and something consistent, and something that they can trust."

For single Aquas, they should lean into their activism and their humanitarian interests "because it is very likely that that is going to be where they find a person who really speaks the same language as them and cares about the same things they feel inspired by."


Affirmation: "I believe."

Pisces are marked by an essence of dreaminess as the last sign of the zodiac. Represented by the two fish in opposite directions and ruled by Neptune, Pisces are known for being caught between reality and fantasy. They are dreamers, mystics, but most of all, lovers. "Pisces love to be in love, so cuffing season is a very romantic time for them. They're very smitten. They love to get swept off their feet," Kelly explains about the water sign. "But a word to the wise: Make sure the relationship is rooted in reality and is grounded, and is something that they can rely on. And not just something that lives in fairy tales but is anchored enough to be able to provide stability and support."

Single Pisces crave romantic energy, but instead of focusing on that during this season, channel that energy through art and creative endeavors. It's through the art that Pisces will be able to express matters of their heart, self-expression, and love limitlessly.

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