5 Black-Owned Hair Brands You Need to Know

Even if you don’t have textured hair.

black-owned hair brands
Although we love discovering any new beauty product, something about finding a truly exceptional shampoo, conditioner, or styling formula just hits a different note. A good hair day is a good day, period. And now that the blazing summer heat is in full force, we could use as much help in the hair department as we can get. That doesn’t always mean banishing frizz, either—in fact, several new hair-care brands on the market have incorporated frizz-positive messaging into their ethos, among other, more accepting ideals.

Happily, Black entrepreneurs are continuing to make their presence known in the beauty industry, which has never been as receptive of Black-owned brands developing high-quality products for a range of hair textures. You don’t have to have a crown of curls to love and appreciate a Black-owned hair-care brand, either—we all need nourishing, hydrating, and deep-cleansing products in our respective showers, at this time of year more than ever. But the days of there only being a handful of options on the shelves for women with 3a–4c hair are no longer. And with Sephora committing to the 15 Percent Pledge, we hope that the number of products available will only grow in the months and years to come.

So in case you’re in the mood to upgrade your summer hair-care routine, these are five Black-owned brands you need to know.


Bread Beauty Supply

If you’re a woman with textured hair and have ever felt left out of conversations around the idea of “lazy-girl hair”—aka something that takes minimal effort and styling—then get ready to add Bread to your product lineup. Founder and former L’Oréal staffer Maeva Heim wanted her company to erase terms like “anti-frizz” from the brand mission, which can feel demonizing of the natural characteristics of textured hair. Her clean formulas are meant to simplify your hair routine, whether you are rocking quarantine curls, box braids, bangs, and more. The line launched with a hair wash, hair oil, hair mask, and a bread puff (aka a hair scrunchie), all the essentials you need for healthy summer hair. Ladies with 3a to 4c hair types, this one’s for you.

Hair Oil Everyday Gloss

Bread Beauty Supply


Whenever someone asks us for a hair mask recommendation, particularly for ultra dry or damaged hair, we always come back to Briogeo. With clean, naturally derived ingredients, their masks instill much-needed moisture and nutrients into your hair, whether it’s straight, curly, or kinky. Brand founder Nancy Twine entered the beauty game armed with her grandmother’s infamous recipes and created the now cult-favorite line from her East Village apartment. No wonder the former Goldman Sachs finance executive is now synonymous with gorgeous, healthy hair. We’re partial to the scalp scrub for clearing our skin of any sweat and buildup, as well as legitimately anything from the Don’t Despair, Repair line of products. Trust us, your hair will thank you later.

Girl + Hair

Dermatologist Camille Verovic developed her brand’s line of products specifically for women wearing protective styles. And considering getting to the salon is still an ordeal in many parts of the country (we know, we know, safety first!) we’re betting that many of you are sticking with your favorite protective styles for the foreseeable future. So if you’re not already familiar with these targeted treatments, most of which come with a handy pointed nozzle applicator, we highly recommend picking up a few to try them for yourself. The totally clean formulas (meaning zero sulfates, parabens, alcohol, color, phthalates, or silicones) pack a serious punch. Anyone who’s experiencing dryness or itching due to the heat, you’d do well to give your scalp some love with the shea butter treatment balm—it’s heavenly.

Charlotte Mensah

Since the current travel restrictions won’t allow us to get to the UK easily, if at all, this summer, that means we sadly won’t be able to visit Charlotte Mensah’s Hair Lounge salon. Luckily, her products are widely available and just as luxurious as her shop on the famous Portobello Road. The Ghana-born hairstylist and founder has long been a staple in the beauty and fashion industries, as well as a leader in the natural hair-care industry for the last 20 years. If you have curly hair, it’s time you became acquainted with her cult-classic manketti oil—your curls will be lusciously supple and soft in no time.

Manketti Hair Oil

Charlotte Mensah

Manketti Oil Conditioner

Charlotte Mensah

Melanin Haircare

Vlogger and YouTube star Whitney White and her sister Taffeta founded their hair-care brand in 2015 after six years of product development. The line is totally clean, and although there are only three products, in addition to several head wraps, the quality of the formulas will be enough to convince you to keep them stocked in your bathroom forever. It’s simple, no-fuss, and will keep your curls nourished and hydrated no matter how relentless the humidity outside. The styling cream is particularly noteworthy for its blend of five all-natural butters to repair even the most damaged hair.

Multi-use Pure Oil Blend

Melanin Haircare
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