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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress, According to Your Sign

An armchair astrologer’s guide.

bridal model posing
Photo: Sarah Krick/Gallery Stock

I’d bet that 98 percent of the people who read this article are not, in fact, actively looking for a wedding dress. This piece is for us closet Say Yes to the Dress fans who have been moodboarding about our wedding since the first time we saw Keira Knightley’s wispy feather halo in Love Actually. It's for those of us who are single or a little fuzzy on whether or not the institution of marriage is for us at all but have unyielding opinions on color schemes, flowers, bridesmaid outfits, catering, and location. (Open bar is, obviously, a must.) Because, while weddings are just (hopefully) one event in a person’s life, the wedding fantasy is forever. So find your sun and rising signs, and start growing the Pinterest board I know you already have.

Aries, your dress should be glamorous and sexy, just like you. You have the confidence to pull off literally anything, so we recommend being a little daring with your choice.

Taurus, you are ruled by Venus, which means you will likely opt for something romantic and opulent yet still comfortable and utterly you. Your dress should not feel like a costume but rather be a personification of your excellent taste.

Geminis are fun and daring, so we recommend going with separates or perhaps investing in an overskirt that you can take off post-ceremony. That way you can flit around dancing and visiting your guests with ease.

Cancers—you sensitive, beauties—might opt for a dress with volume that's not overly fussy. You might consider a classic silhouette with a little cottagecore flare.

It is your time to shine! There’s no doubt you will find a showstopper with some insane, but gorgeous, elements like a ridiculously long train or enough crystal embellishment to make the stars jealous of your sparkle.

When I imagine how I would dress a Virgo, I always think of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. A wedding dress along the lines of hers—simple, clean, and ultra-flattering—would suit you perfectly.


If there’s ever a time to lose yourself in your wildest aesthetic dreams, it’s now. Don’t be afraid of a little excess—like Taurus, you are ruled by Venus, giving you a natural eye for beauty. Indulge it!

You can always count on Scorpios to bring Shego energy. You are the zodiac’s resident goth, so a black wedding dress may have already crossed your mind. Even if you opt for the traditional white, the dress will be dramatic and sexy.


Tradition isn’t something that necessarily interests a Sagittarius, so give yourself permission to be a little daring. A destination wedding? An elopement? Whatever it is, you’ll want an adventure and a sexy, adventurous getup to match.


Just because you want something practical, doesn’t mean it won’t be luxurious. Embellishment might not be your taste, but modern elegance is just as stunning.


Like Sagittarians, convention isn’t a priority for you. Find a dress as unique as your personality—perhaps it’s not even a dress! Perhaps it’s not white!


Your idea of love was probably shaped by Jane Austen or perhaps even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. You’ll want a dress that expresses the true expanse of your dreamy romanticism, so we recommend something gauzy and Regency era-inspired.

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