The Style Combo We're Loving: Knee-High Boots & a Structured Jacket

We're letting the thighs breathe.

knee high boots

Warmer temps—albeit with a slight remaining crisp in the air—have us looking to shed a few layers and let our fresh-out-of-hibernation winter skin breathe. As part of this we like to make the evolution from bundled up to hot pants and tanks as gradual and smooth as possible. Enter: Knee-high boots paired with a structured jacket and peek-a-boo exposed legs. The combo is perfect for that seasonal transition and isn't going anywhere until it's too hot to bear a jacket and summer is in full swing. To get on board, we rounded up a little styling inspo, as well as some of our favorite pieces to get you started.

Neutral + Black Crossbody

Embrace the power of contrast by pairing light neutrals with a structured black crossbody bag. The singular chunky gold chain dresses up the underlying collared shirt without distraction.

Gold Curb

Maple & J

Oversized Hoodie + Black Leather

Loungewear, but make it fashion. A combo often touted by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Ariana Grande, a big, slouchy hoodie with thigh highs is model-off duty street style 101.

Black Trench Coat + Thigh-Highs

The silhouette is extra chic when simplified down to all black pieces. A small tan crossbody and layered gold coin jewelry bring in just enough accessorizing to the darker ensemble.

Becky Blazer

Anine Bing

Small Crossbody Bags

Ant Expedition


Out East Eyewear

Oversized Plaid + Beige Boots

If there's anything that equates to transitional weather, it's rubber boots and a breezy trench. Cinch a belted dogtooth longline over biker shorts and slate gray boots to elongate the silhouette. A mid-sized quilted bag adds structure, while a patterned wrist scrunchie introduces a playful element.

Wool Blend + Cleated Platform Boots

In places where spring is not pushing up fresh blossoms and still sees frost-covered mornings, a thicker wool-blend may still be of necessity. A structured coat dropping to mid thigh is a chic and put-together way to pair a collared shirt, a dainty gold chain, and tall, chunky cleats.

Slouchy Cardigan + Rubber Boots

Who needs a whole jacket when you have an oversized cardigan? Size up and wear the cozy knit as a loungy shaket, paired with neutral rain boots and a mini backpack in lieu of a purse.

Hot Pink + Baby Blue

While the pieces are kept simple, the bright and bold blocks of color pack a punch. The iconic, yet sadly discontinued, multicolor Louis Vuitton draws on the vibrant structured pink blazer and sky blue pointed Jimmy Choo's, providing a seamless cohesion to the very spring-appropriate attire.

Roar Necklace

Noa Jewelry

Black Blazer + Olive Boots + Zebra Bag

As long as we're bringing back early 2000s trends, zebra print is high on the list of comebacks. Pair with sleek chartreuse boots to level up the nostalgic accessorizing and bring in balance with an understated black blazer and modern jewelry.

Zip Up Turtleneck

$325 $212

High Neck Sweater Dress + Neutrals + Fedora

A felt fedora paired with Ray-Bans and a neutral blazer gives very much Jane Porter vibes in the best way possible. Add a high neck creamy ribbed sweater dress, knee-high wellies, a hand-held saddle bag.

Babylon Bag


Round Metal

Ray Ban

Mini Rib Dress


Shacket + Combat Boots + Hoodie

Any way we can sneak in a little sweatshirt moment is a win for us—bonus if there are no pants involved. Layer a cozy shacket with an oversized tan hoodie and stick to the neutral theme with a structured bag and mid-calf combat boots.

365 Hoodie


Cleo Stacking Ring

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