Jane Says

Jane Says


Why the Mountain Getaway Always Beats the Beach

And the beauty products to use when you can’t get up there.


How My Last Spa Treatment Took a Turn for the Worse

The spa *is* meant for relaxing, right?


How I Felt When Men Stopped Noticing Me

Jane Larkworthy reflects on all the complicated feelings that come with getting hit on—especially when it stops.


Why Do We Always Assume Other Women Don’t Like Us?

And what’s usually going on. Angry Shy: a definition.


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Even Beauty Editors Spiral Out about Their Hair Color

In this age of "fake news," Jane Larkworthy embraces her fake hair color.


Oh, Don’t Make Me Sing…

Or on second thought, do. How Jane Larkworthy and Deborah Lippmann bonded over a shared love of theater.


For Crying Out Loud

Jane Larkworthy makes a very convincing argument for crying.


How to Make Friends In *Any* Situation

Jane Larkworthy’s guide to surviving the wild.

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Leopard Slip Dress

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Jane Larkworthy’s Solution for Better-Looking Skin

The beauty expert’s fix doesn’t involve buying a single product.