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Your September Horoscopes

With Mercury joining Venus in retrograde, here’s what the upcoming month has in store for each sign.

Your September Horoscopes

Beginning this month, Venus moves direct on September 3rd, allowing us to rediscover what our hearts truly need and creating rich new terrain to build upon just as Mercury goes into retrograde. Mercury Retrograde, as always, asks us to reimagine and re-examine which seeds to sow. This month, it occurs in Mercury’s home sign of Virgo, bringing the opportunity to use her themes of efficiency to cleanse in order to find peace and resolve issues big and small.

Even though people tend to tense up at the thought of a Mercury Retrograde, attributing the shift to delays, snafus in technology, and everything going wrong, we must remember inconveniences give us valuable information: they show us what’s not working, how we react, and how far we’ve come. This one lasts until September 14th and is just one small part of a cluster of planets in retrograde right now that conspire to set us straight on our course of perfect timing. So, as the month starts out with a challenge for many, it has the opportunity to end with stunning clarity and positive new ventures–but not without taking action. By integrating the challenges of these retrogrades, we move with the pace of the universe and not against it, bringing a new sense of freedom.

Please find your horoscope below, coupled with a tarot card to assist you in navigating September and set the stage for your life to unfurl exactly as it should.

Aries: The Star, Reversed

You were born a risk taker. Some may call it ‘reckless,’ but the reality is you make the choices you do because you have a keen sense of self and the world around you. Projects you’ve taken on recently may be hanging in the balance, making you feel overwhelmed and discouraged. You must recapture your confidence this month and remember why you always bet on yourself to begin with. You are encouraged to double down on self-care so you can heal yourself, rejuvenate, and win.

Be especially mindful of people wanting to dump their problems on you this month, as you’ll feel extra sensitive to energy vampires. You must help yourself first before you’re able to help anyone else, and if you give too much to overly emotional people, you will become drained, making your own goals seem farther away. By making yourself the priority now, there is no doubt your outcome will be a quick and flawless victory.

Taurus: Three of Swords

Delays in money and particularly the consistency of it will feel like it’s putting you at an unfair advantage this month. People in positions of power may be taking the laurels all for themselves, but do not allow this to shake you. After storm clouds pass, the view is clear and crisp. You’re being urged to trust divine timing as you let this momentary unfairness settle out. If you’re able to bring yourself back to your heartbeat, pause, and feel it thump, then you’ll understand that it beats in synchronized rhythm with everything else in the universe. Here, your breath will soften, and you’ll drift away from negative energy and back to reality. Being present, even in the middle of a shit storm, is the true mark of a powerful ruler. Remember that this will usher you towards the win when the time is just right.

Gemini: Six of Cups, Reversed

This month, you may find yourself in a scenario where you’re asking for support from someone, and it just isn’t happening. This feels like deja vu, as you’ve felt this specific feeling before, and history often repeats itself when we’re at a crossroads. The difference is you are much clearer and more in charge than ever before, so now you are now being called to break away and move on. It is time to leave behind any source of emptiness lingering in the past and begin your journey somewhere new. You may feel overwhelmed and tired of building, trying, and not getting anywhere, but don’t give up now! Keep going and keep pushing because you’re so close to the place you deserve to be in.

Cancer: Knight of Swords

Looking back over the course of your life, perhaps the most remarkable thing is how quickly things change. You have a choice to look back and only see a series of losses; however, look how you’ve transformed! You know who you are and what you have to bring to the table, so now you can move through change at lightning speed.

Looking back, you realize that happily ever after is not an ending and that life is a beautiful and complicated journey of ever-changing experiences that you wouldn’t trade for anything. This means you’re more capable than you may have given yourself credit for. No longer are you taking a moment of life for granted as you gallop at top speed toward the next beautiful experience. By staying the course, you are the definition of evolution.

Leo: Ten of Wands, Reversed

You may have taken on too much responsibility this month, and you might not have the luxury of being overwhelmed or cracking under pressure. Instead, you must collect yourself and figure out a more efficient way to finish the task(s) at hand. Prepare for busy days and sleepless nights this month, which you’ll get through more easily if you quit trying to be the hero and accept help in lifting your burdens. You may think that by taking it all on alone you’ll appear stronger and more capable in the eyes of others, but it’s knowing how to be efficient and work with a team that will give you the praise and accolades you desire. Being mindful and navigating this time well will bring a new magical opportunity as soon as this one is complete.

Virgo: Page of Swords

You may be feeling antsy this month and like you don’t have enough of what it takes to be as successful in a certain area or your life as you want to be. Doubt floods in, and you may be hesitating to make a move. Consider that the outcome you’re wanting is not so black and white. Taking a more expansive approach makes room for all different colors and facets of life to pour in. This is something you may have missed if you were too focused on a hard yes or no. Realize you have everything you need around you, you are charmed, and you always have been–once you’re able to find quiet space, you’ll begin to see that the answers you seek are in the least expected places. Work on relaxing your shoulders and your jaw this month, and let it happen.

Libra: The Hanged Man

You’ve received new insight and inspiration. Old conversations, squabbles, and drama may be circling around you (what else is new), but in the past, you may have been more invested, and now you’re finding it’s all kind of boring. Letting go of being involved in the same old story means you are more available to move forward with your own creativity and ideas. The horizon in front of you is bright, Libra, and full of golden possibilities. The sooner you allow yourself to stop caring about the burdens others put on your back and start living for you, the sooner you’ll move into the warm embrace of your future.

Scorpio: Knight of Wands

Because you are so intuitive and sensitive, you’re able to move through the emotional worlds with ease, giving you the ability to shine brightly when the rest of the world goes dark. This month, you’ll feel a sexiness deep down in your bones, and you’re unafraid to show it off. You have some great ideas, and it’s time to work and develop them because the right scenarios and people will be presenting themselves very soon, and you must be ready because you’re exactly what they’re looking for. You are inherently magical, Scorpio, especially when you’re awakened in your body.

Sagittarius: Ten of Pentacles

Even when you’re defeated and depressed, there is always evidence that you are divinely taken care of. Remember this when you’re faced with choices and unsure of where to turn: It’s your lightness of heart balanced with clarity of mind that makes the world fall in love with you. People who are bitter and grumpy are constantly under the weight of the past, not allowing for any possibility to change their circumstance. Money and love are everywhere and in no short supply. They both flow constantly all over the world, and you’re being asked to swim with the tide instead of against it. There is lots of success and golden energy flowing through your life this month, so ride this wave. You are flowing towards your legacy.

Capricorn: Four of Pentacles

Safety is a good thing, but stay in any place too long, and it can become a prison. You are being encouraged to let go of staunch mindsets that say you have to pinch pennies and do everything according to the letter if you want to be successful. While this is usually solid advice, it somehow puts a shield in front of your heart, declaring that no new ideas or opportunities have room to come in. You may feel stuck this month, like you can’t just flick success on like a switch, but the funny thing is you can! You have everything you actually need around you. Remember, amazing things happen when you’re able to loosen your grip.

Aquarius: The Emperor

You are the ruler of your domain this month and feel very comfortable being in charge. It seems that you’re able to lend a sense of control to sinking ships, which is why it would be much easier if people listened to you in the first place. Don’t worry, as work and family move consistently because of you. You will find yourself in a position of prosperity by the end of the month, where you’re able to get whatever you need because of who you are. The big boss energy for Aquarius this September yields luxury and abundance in the months to come.

Pisces: Eight of Wands

It’s all happening so fast–all the wishes you sent up to the universe are coming back to you this month as you’re preparing for the ride of your life. You’re finally free from confines, free from the hell of the past, and open to the brilliance and magic of what’s to come because you are following your true calling. As you’re opening to the possibility of the universe, it’s important to keep negative self-talk or thoughts of futility at bay. You’ve already left behind what doesn’t serve you, and you’ve waited so long. You deserve every success in the world.

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