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How to Boost Your At-Home Vibe, According to Your Astrological Sign

Ahead, the home items we should be shopping for now.

By: Monica Mendal

By now, many of us have succeeded in finding ways to keep our spirits up while we #stayhome. Some are expelling energy through creative pursuits like craft projects or cooking. Others are more focused on restorative self-care and cozying up with Netflix and a good bottle of wine. Then there are those keeping everyone connected through Zoom calls and House Parties. To boost your experience at home, you first need to understand what makes you happy outside all of this, and for some, astrology is one way to help make sense of that. Earth signs, for example, are inherently more comfortable with staying grounded and organized, while fire signs like to be on the move and rely on at-home workouts and creative outlets to keep their energy up. To get a better sense of the things that will boost our at-home situation, we’ve enlisted astrologer Alice Bell. Below, the expert shares which home items we should be shopping now, according to our astrological sign.



Aries is missing being able to go out and be around people. They have a lot of pent-up energy inside and may feel kind of restless. They’re probably wanting to stay busy with new projects or at-home workouts right now. They would need something that keeps them active. Ideas could be at-home workout tools or some kind of renovation project for around the home.

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Taurus is a secret introvert, so they’re enjoying the time they have to lounge, bake, and make art. They’re very receptive to how things feel, smell, touch, and taste, so they’re dressing in the comfiest loungewear and cooking up their favorite comfort foods. They’re not really missing social activities and having to rush everywhere. They also like to treat themselves, so they might be doing some at-home spa treatments or baking a lot of desserts.

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Gemini has a mind that never rests, so they’re keeping themselves occupied with reading the news, making a dent in their reading list, putting together a puzzle, and downloading a few podcasts. They’re also very social people, so they might be spending a lot of time on Zoom and Houseparty. They would need something that allows them to connect with their friends, like a board game, so that they don’t feel so isolated and alone.

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Cancer is enjoying time at home, and even if they’re not quarantining with family members, they might be calling them most days. They like the nights they can spend cozied up with blankets and pillows, rewatching their favorite TV shows. They may find themselves dwelling too much on the past, though, and getting super nostalgic and emotional. They will need to set a calming mood in their space with candles, room spray, or home diffusers.

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Leo has a lot of creative abilities, so they might be getting into new artistic hobbies such as painting, drawing, or making videos for social media. They need some kind of outlet to express themselves creatively. They’re looking on the bright side and keeping everyone entertained with their fun sense of humor. They also love to pamper themselves, so beauty and skin-care products will be used in abundance.

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Virgos are very health-conscious, so they’re trying to stay fit during quarantine and keep a regular exercise schedule. Similar to Aries, they might like workout gear or a cookbook full of healthy recipe ideas. They may also need some at-home office supplies to stay organized and make working from home less stressful. Virgo likes to stay productive and may grow anxious when they’re not doing anything, so also anything stress-relieving that helps them to calm down.

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Libras appreciate beautiful clothing and design, so they may spend time decorating their home space or appreciating art with virtual museum tours. They are always looking for the bright side of situations, so they will want to make sure their home is a happy place. They may invest in some sculptural or whimsy vases to keep flowers blooming during these gloomy times.

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Scorpio likes to be in control, so they may find it especially hard not knowing what’s coming next. They’re also one of the signs that would benefit from calming activities and learning how to let go better. They’re also interested in human behavior and how people work, so anything psychology-related or something like tarot cards or a book that explains personality traits. They may also want to pick up an interest in studying a new topic, because they’re good researchers. When they’re into something, they will obsessively study it and find out all there is to know.

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Sagittarius is a big world traveler, and they also love a good party, so quarantine is hard for them. They need things that allow them to travel elsewhere from within their own homes, such as watching documentaries of different cultures or reading different books, like philosophy, travel, or bigger-picture subjects. They like to always be teaching themselves something new, so anything education-related.

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Capricorn is still plowing ahead with work. They probably don’t have a whole lot of time for side hobbies, because they’re still trying to get all of their tasks done on time. They may also need a lesson or two in learning how to relax. Similar to Virgo, they would appreciate items that make working from home easier, or they may want to journal about what they want to accomplish and how they’re going to get there. They’re still setting goals for themselves.

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Aquarius is liking this time by themselves, because social distancing comes naturally for them. They also get anxious if they’re alone with their thoughts for too long, so they need activities that help them stay grounded in the present moment and not worry so much about the future. Maybe they would want a plant, massager, or face mist to help calm them.

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Pisces is more emotional. But they’re using this time at home to get more involved in meditation or yoga, and learning how to better tap into their intuition. They’re also very creative, so they’re another sign that might be starting painting projects or something art related to keep them occupied. They may want to keep a dream journal to understand their own thoughts better.

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