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Nail Horoscopes: Polish Colors For Your Sign

Rose Theodora, resident astrologer at Enamel Diction, reveals which nail polish colors suit your sun sign.

Nail Horoscopes: Polish Colors For Your Sign

How many times have you pored over the seemingly floor-to-ceiling wall of rainbow-hued polish colors at the salon only to find yourself blankly staring at a beige-y nude in one hand and a greige in the other? They’re totally different, right?

Okay, so this isn’t anything revolutionary; it’s just like our sartorial choices, we base our nail color on what we’re in the mood for that day. But according to Rose Theodora, resident astrologer at Enamel Diction, our color selection isn’t based on randomness (like we initially thought) at all. It’s actually set in the stars. As in, our astrological signs and personal inclinations, dictate the attraction we have towards a specific hue. And, just like Chromotherapy (A.K.A color therapy) certain pigments have the ability to “amplify certain attributes, while other colors down play attributes.” We’re talking about how baby blue lacquer let’s Geminis actually slow down and think and how red helps Cancers gain more confidence.

While it might be hyperbole to say that your astrological nail polish color will solve all of life’s vexations, it does make its case for making the entire selection process a tiny bit easier — and if there’s any chance Theodora can help us find balance in life with her Colorstrology, we’ll take it. 



LILAC:  “Aries is a quick and energetic sign. They usually opt for a color to match their high-energy personality, but what they could really benefit from would be a cooler color, like Lilac. Aries get bored easily, so they still need something light and edgy but more soothing—a color that helps them to recharge and feel more content.” 



ORANGE:  “Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and they love all things green (natural & material), and feminine (pink). But what they could really use is a little more spontaneity, to follow their gut, and to cultivate more resilience—orange does the trick!”




BABY BLUE:  “Gemini is lively and mentally astute—always thinking about a million things and analyzing them to the point that they are capable of not realizing how they really feel. Baby blue helps them feel more and think less. They'll love this color, but they don't know why. That’s because it allows them to shut off their brain.”



BRIGHT RED: “Cancers are quite the opposite of Gemini and feel so deeply that they can get stuck in an emotional limbo, forgetting to apply logic. Cancers also love to take care of everyone else before they take care of themselves, which can make them feel a little unloved at times. Wearing a bright red helps them to feel more confident, to act more on impulse, and to be less fearful of living the life they truly desire.” 



NUDE:  “Leos aren't afraid to stand out, yet sometimes they come across self-involved and egotistical. A Leo will stand out no matter what, so they could really do themselves a favor by wearing a beautiful creamy nude color. Others will find them more inviting and less intimidating, and in the end, Leos will seek the connection that they were looking for in the first place.” 




BRIGHT RED: “Virgos are incredibly orderly and have immense self control, but they tend to hide their more sensual and imaginative side. The, like Gemini, are ruled by the planet Mercury, so they are also super heady and are prone to worry. Wearing a bright red gets them out of their head and into their hearts. Red fuels their suppressed passion.” 




DARK BLUE:  “Libra, an air sign, weighs everything. They could really benefit from wearing a dark blue, almost black, to help them get more in touch with their feelings and to think less about what others think. Dark blue helps them assert themselves without feeling guilty.” 




WHITE:  “They might cringe when you tell them to wear white, but they could seriously benefit from this light and airy color. Scorpio is naturally skeptical and secretive, so wearing a color like white helps them to trust more.” 




DEEP EMERALD GREEN:  “Sagittarius loves flashy and bold, and typically dark colors to match their adventurous and truth-seeking self. Wearing a deep green could really help them feel more grounded and content with where they’re at, and less concerned with where they are going.”




GOLD:  “Capricorn is a very calculative and practical sign. It's either white or black for this no-BS gal. Wearing gold could really help them to loosen up and to trust in the universe. Besides, the color gold still represents currency, which is completely in alignment for this status-seeking sign.” 




BRIGHT BLUE:  “Aquarius loves all things black—think Wednesday from the Adams Family. They feel different because they are different. Wearing a bright and vibrant blue allows them to feel comfortable sharing their genius insights and encourages group consciousness even more.”




CHARCOAL GRAY WITH A SHIMMER:  “Pisces are in a world of their very own, so they are attracted to colors and patterns that no one else has the guts to wear; like floral prints, or a turquoise-lavender frayed, flowing skirt that sparkles just enough to reflect their wild imagination. Wearing a dark charcoal gray that shimmers (only slightly in the right angle) would help to ground them immensely, and inspire a more practical approach.” 

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