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Instagram’s Favorite Candle Brand Just Launched Its First Fragrance Collection

You can now add the “genderful” Boy Smells Cologne de Parfum to your scent lineup.

boy smells cologne de parfum
Take a peek inside any tastemaker or content creator’s home, via social media or otherwise, and you’ll inevitably spot an array of status candles. Known for their aesthetically pleasing design as much as (if not more than) the scent of the wax itself, there are a handful of brands we see again and again, starting first and foremost with Boy Smells and its signature black-and-pink graphic votive. After launching multiple new collections, a handful of collaborations (the Ganni candle late last year was a highlight), and even an underwear line, founders Matthew Herman and David Kien are finally moving into the arena of fragrance.

While it might seem like a logical next step for a candle brand, Herman and Kien reveal that they spent the last two years working with luxury fragrance houses Robertet and Firmenich to develop their debut scents—five in all—entitled Boy Smells Cologne de Parfum. “[We were] refining and exploring till we had the perfect assortment of fragrances that really celebrate what we call genderful identity,” say the founders.

The fragrance collection explores the unifying theme of modern mythology, which the founders explain is meant to “rewrite social archetypes, reimagined into a realm of scent and color, reject the outdated social constructs, [and] build new identities beyond the binary definitions that society thrusts upon us.” They acknowledge that scent is not immune to preconceived notions of gender and that we as a society (as well as the fragrance industry overall) often associate certain smells, like florals, with femininity or woody and smoky notes with a more masculine energy. “We love mixing these notes together,” they say, and they feel that their customer base enjoys the complexity of their scent structures in their candles and will continue to do so now with their fragrances.


boy smells cologne de parfumPhoto: Courtesy of Boy Smells
The first scent in the line is Suede Pony, a blend of saffron, pineapple, violet, and cardamom, with a dry-down of patchouli fraction, labdanum, and blond woods. The additional four, Rose Load, Violet Ends, Tantrum, and Flor de la Virgen, play with a variety of sumptuous notes like Turkish rose, rhubarb, bergamot, and lemon rind, all of them masterfully mixed. Whether you prefer rich, heady fragrances or are drawn to a lush floral with a touch of spice, fans of the brand will not be disappointed with the new launches, and newbies will be happy to find that no scent in the collection is inaccessible (or too simplistic).

Herman and Kien hope that their customers feel encouraged to explore their own sense of self-expression with these new scents, as everything from the juice to the name “Cologne de Parfum” is meant as an “intentional provocation of traditional ideas in the fragrance industry and to introduce a product that celebrates different identities, rather than restrict them.” However you identify on the gender spectrum, the hope is that you’ll discover a delectable new addition to your own trousseau of scents.

Each of the five fragrances is available in a 65 ml glass bottle in Boy Smells’ signature graphic pink packaging for $98 on and in select retailers.

Photos: Courtesy of Boy Smells

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