inside boy smells headquarters

Inside Boy Smells’ ’70s-Meets-Contemporary-Modern HQ

The Los Angeles–based brand is officially all grown up.

Tristan Kallas
In the three years since Boy Smells launched, their millennial-pink candles have been found on the shelves and vanities of practically every fashionable person we meet (and we meet a lot). Naturally, the brand has expanded and evolved in that time, most notably by outgrowing their former L.A. studio in the co-founders’ Pico-Union home. While still located in their neighborhood (fun fact: that’s why the top of the boxes are labeled BS - PU, a cheeky pun on location and scent), the new space is five blocks away and a proverbial blank slate for decorating. No longer beholden to the historical details of their home, founders Matthew Herman and David Kien were able to let their interior-design imaginations run wild. More on their ’70s-inspired decor below.

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