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3 Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks If You’re Not Into Glitter

Sometimes the glitz and glam isn’t for everyone.

By: Isabella Sarlija

Although we love playing with glitter as much as the next beauty writer, we must admit: there are a lot of downsides to working with it. Glitter does not blend well, fallout is virtually inevitable, and most glitters on the market are not biodegradable, meaning those little bits of plastic will wash down the drain and straight into the environment. Furthermore, it seems that the holidays are practically synonymous with ultra-sparkly makeup, so we wanted to investigate what alternative looks can make us feel just as glam and gorgeous this time of year. Look no further for your seasonal makeup inspiration—these three looks have got you covered, and they’re all glitter free.


A Festive Pop of Color


Who says your lids need to be coated in sparkle for you to sport some of that holiday cheer? This look is great for pairing with a little black dress or any other chic ensemble you’ll wow your family with this year.


The Technique

First, apply an eyeshadow primer all over your lid and inner corner. Allow that to dry, and apply the second shade from the LORAC PRO Palette Noir to the entire lid and crease area to act as a transition shade. Then contour the eyes by applying the fifth or sixth shade (depending on your skin tone) to the crease. With a clean, fluffy blending brush, blend the crease color for a feathery finish.

Then apply the shade Obsessed from the Violet Voss Coral Crush palette to the inner corners of the eyes with a pencil brush. Blend the red past the inner corners and slightly onto the upper and lower lids to create a halo effect. Repeat this process about two to three times or until you are satisfied with the intensity of the color.

Next is liner. Apply the PAT McGRATH LABS eyeliner to your waterline. Then apply it in the shape of a rough wing all around the eye area, making sure to get into every nook and cranny between your lashes. With a small blending brush, smoke the liner out all around the eye to create a hazy effect. If you think the liner is not as black as it can be, repeat this process.

After you’re done smoking out the liner to your liking, take an angled liner brush and drag the end of your liner out towards the edge of your brow to create a sharp wing. Set the entire liner look with a dusting of black eyeshadow, and finish the look off with a few coats of a volumizing mascara.

To round out the intensity of this eye look, sweep a neutral blush across your cheekbones and a nude lipstick onto your lips.


The Holidays à la Glam


There is no reason for sans-glitter to mean sans-glam. Try this look out as an elegant homage to the ’80s, and pair it with a velvet jacket or a mesh puff-sleeved dress. You’ll be the star of your Zoom dance party in no time.

The Technique

Apply the shade Verf from the Natasha Denona Trichrome Eyeshadow palette all across the lid, crease, and lower lash line to act as a base. Then, apply the sixth shade of the LORAC PRO Palette Noir to the inner and outer half of your lid. Take the same sixth shade from the LORAC PRO Palette Noir, and with a pencil brush, apply it to the entire lower lash line, making sure to blend the shadow into the Verf transition shade.

Then, apply the shade Naughty from the HUDA Naughty Nude palette shade onto your crease and outer-v, creating a v-shape that extends past the corner of your eye. With a clean, fluffy blending brush, blend the crease and outer-v color. Then, with your finger, apply the Make Up For Ever eyeshadow single in shade I-328 to the center of your lid. Apply an iridescent highlighter to the inner corner of your eye, and finish the look off with a few coats of mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

Apply a warm blush under your cheekbones, in the same spot you would usually apply a contour shade. Then, dab on your favorite warm-toned red lipstick, and finish the look off with a high-shine clear lip gloss.


Holiday Metallics

If you are in the mood for a subtle pop of color this year, consider a bold metallic shape on your upper lid. This look takes minutes to master and is a great way to add pizzazz to your look in between cookie-baking sessions.

The Technique

After your foundation or concealer application is complete, cut off two pieces of two-inch Scotch tape. Before applying the Scotch tape to your eyes, gently press the tape against the back of your hand a few times (this will weaken the adhesives in the tape, making it far less damaging to your delicate eye area once it’s time to remove the tape from your eyes). Apply each piece of tape from the corner of your eye to the end of your brow.

With a flat shader brush, apply shade 1 in the Juvia’s Place The Berries palette to the entire lid and crease liberally. Make sure to extend this application to where your scotch tape is sitting to ensure a sharp line in the final look. Then, with a blending brush, blend the color from your crease towards your brow bone. After blending is complete, apply shade five to the inner half of your lid with your finger and blend this color into your base. Then finish the look with a shimmery pop of highlight by applying shade three to the inner corner and inner third of your lid.

Following this, apply shade one to the outer third of your bottom lash line with a pencil brush. Gently remove the Scotch tape and clean up the area with concealer if necessary. Then apply a thin layer of liquid liner on your upper lash line, and finish the look off with two coats of mascara.

To complete this look, apply a subtle peach blush and swipe on a nude lip gloss so as not to take away from the intensity of the eye look. Dab a bit of a shimmer-free highlighting balm to the tops of your cheekbones and onto your brow bone. Et voilà, a look simple and quick enough to do in between holiday feast preparations, but chic enough to be the talk of the dinner table.


Top photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@lindahallberg


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