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4 Ways to Wear Glitter Makeup This Season

Show-stopping inspiration for the holiday season.

After a summer wearing minimal makeup save for a swipe of waterproof mascara and copious amounts of sunscreen, we’re giddy to re-evaluate our beauty game for the fall and winter. With Halloween just a day away and the holidays quickly approaching, there's no better time to incorporate one of the season’s biggest beauty trends into our routines: glitter. That’s right—sparkly, shimmery, delicious flakes of glitter are everywhere lately: in new shadows from Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham; in body gels from CHANEL and Fenty; in lacquered lip glosses from Dior and Lime Crime.

Unsure about how to use this new beauty MVP? We don’t blame you. Glitter makes a statement no matter how you wear it, and you can slide from dancing queen to disco ball in just a few layers of product (whether you want to or not). So we consulted makeup artist Jen Myles on her favorite ways to style glitter this season. For daytime, nighttime, party time, and more, these four looks are sure to make a sparkle convert out of you.

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Glitter glue is your friend when it comes to this type of minimalist look. Myles mixed Ben Nye glue with loose glitter from MAC to form a paste. Start with a neutral base (this Tom Ford shadow is a gorgeous cashmere shade that looks flattering on anyone), then apply a small amount of lip gloss for some added shine and to help the particles stick. Then use a thin shadow or lip brush to paint on the lines, moving them up to help lift and brighten your eyes.
The shiny texture plus the gold glitter catches the light in all the right ways, yet is still subtle enough to wear during the daytime. Be prepared for compliments.

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Not all glitter has to look cute and precious. Myles calls this a “grunge glitter moment,” and we are 100 percent here for it. The effect is more lived-in, as if you’ve already been dancing the night away with your friends, and embraces the idea that wherever the glitter falls during application, you leave it. The artist used contrasting colors—warm rust shades from NARS’ Inferno Palette in Rock Freak and Come to Me, topped with deep hunter and chartreuse green glitter flakes from Terra Moon Cosmetics in Poison Berry and Starry Eyes. Dampening your brush before you apply helps the larger flakes stick and prevent more fallout. If you have more glitter than you want in your under-eye area, use a cotton bud dipped in micellar water to remove the individual pieces. Don’t forget loads of mascara to perfect the look.

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Why hold back when you’re working with glitter? It’s a medium that’s just begging to go over the top. As Myles explains, a glitter mask is about having fun and breaking the rules of where you should and should not put makeup. It’s a bold look that’s ideal for the upcoming party season. The artist recommends buffing the pigment onto the skin to get the general shape of the mask, then go back in with a fluffy brush and apply loose glitter to add definition wherever you want it. Apply the color until halfway down the bridge of the nose, and be sure to soften the edges so it doesn’t look as harsh. Stay away from darker colors that can take over the face—we love this rose shade for warmer undertones, or a soft lilac for cooler complexions.

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Glitter doesn’t have to be reserved for your eyes. A few flakes can enhance a bright berry lip and draw even more attention to your gorgeous pout. These paper-thin sparkles adhere easily to your lip product without needing to use glue or gloss, and they look especially stunning when applied in an asymmetric pattern around your mouth. Use a slightly damp lip brush to transfer them easily from the glitter pot, and get ready to be the star of every holiday party for the foreseeable future.

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