canadian tuxedo

An Ode to the Polarizing Canadian Tuxedo

Layer on the denim, please!

By: Camille Freestone

One of our favorite things about the fashion industry is when it absorbs items or combinations deemed out of date, dull, or even tacky, puts a modern twist on them, and all of a sudden you have a fresh look for the current season. Take, for instance, the Canadian tuxedo, which, when worn by modern style icons, is about as far from its Farmer Joe roots as humanly possible.

The it’s so wrong, it’s right denim-on-denim combination has been a hit for a few years, seen everywhere from the streets of Milan to NYC. Style stars like Mecca James-Williams and Monica de La Villardière have shown us new ways to layer the utilitarian fabric by switching up silhouettes and adding contrasting materials—we promise you’ll look nothing like early 2000s Britney and Justin. That said, the new combinations aren’t always intuitive, so you may need a little inspiration. Here are five outfit formulas that will have you donning head-to-toe denim all season long.


Classic Jacket + Jeans

These are items most women already have in their wardrobes, which makes achieving the finished product super easy (and inexpensive).



Skirt + Shirt

Showing a bit of skin adds a dose of playfulness to the heavy blue fabric. Add bright accessories to liven it up even more!


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