Love And Sex

Love And Sex

Love And Sex

Trans Women and the Cishet Men Who Love Us

The liberation of trans women and trans-attracted men are dependent on us working together.

Love And Sex

This Sexuality Doula Wants You to Reimagine Pleasure

"I am constantly wanting to encourage folks to take orgasm off the table."

Love And Sex

A Relationship Built on Trust and Laughter

Gabrielle Korn and Wallace May find beauty in stillness—together.

Love And Sex

How One Couple Found Joy Within Themselves—Through Each Other

Crystal Anderson and Kiesh Herman on trusting the timing of their relationship.


Inside These Couples' Wedding Day Tattoo Sessions

“Why not do something permanent when you’re making a permanent promise to each other?”

Love And Sex

How One Couple Let Go of Their Fears and Found Love

Carly Russ Peterson and Dylan Peterson on their relationship journey.

Love And Sex

How This Beauty Editor Manifested Her Soul Mate

Carly Cardellino shares her love story.

Love And Sex

Actually, “Dating For The Plot” Is A Good Thing

There’s no bad dates, only good stories.


From Euphoric to Terrifying—5 Couples Break Down Exactly What It Felt Like to Fall in Love

“It felt like taking off your basketball shoes to slide into sandals after a long hoop session.”


Can You Write Your Way Out Of Heartbreak?

One writer tries to find the best way to cope with loss, pain, and confusion.

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Love And Sex

These Sex Toys Basically Do All the Work for You

What's better than an orgasm with little effort required?

Love And Sex

Amrit’s Love & Dating Tips for Impending Hot Girl Summer

How to navigate relationships and sex, according to the newly minted dating show host.

Love And Sex

Can You Masturbate Your Way to Better Skin?

The answer might surprise you.

Love And Sex

8 Must-Have Vibrators to Make 2021 a Little Less Stressful

Masturbation—it’s for your health.

Love And Sex

The Truth about Physical Intimacy in the Time of COVID-19

Navigating dating and sex. In partnership with LELO.

Love And Sex

Is There a Safe Way to Date in Quarantine? We Investigate

Should we use apps? Should first dates be virtual? So many questions.

Love And Sex

Don’t Count on Quarantine Babies in 9 Months—Sex Is Weird Right Now

Couples may be spending more time together, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing it.

Love And Sex

Can Feng Shui Improve Your Sex Life?

Meghan Wallace James shares her expertise for a more passionate home.


How Much Do You Really Know about Safe Sex?

A no-filter discussion about why we need to take our sexual health into our own hands and make it a cornerstone of the wellness conversation.

Love And Sex

7 Tips for Moving In with Your Significant Other

An editor’s advice for surviving that next big step.


The Hottest Places to Have Sex Based on Your Sign

Which signs like to have sex outdoors?

Love And Sex

5 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Happy & Healthy

...And hot. Because, balance.


Americans Are Having Less Sex Than Ever

We’re in a sexual recession—driven by the youth.

Love And Sex

The Valentine’s Day Dodge Is Coming

Prepare for a short texting blackout. But it’s probably a good thing.

Love And Sex

This Is the Cheapest and Easiest Way to Improve Your Sex Life

“Speaking with the authority of someone who is both cheap and fast, I cannot recommend it enough.”

Love And Sex

Meet the Woman Redefining the Word 'Slut'

Karley Sciortino of Slutever wrote the “slut manifesto” you need to read.

Love And Sex

The Sexiest Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Ever

This list is full of “stocking stuffers,” if you will...