bronzers for sunkissed glow

The Best Bronzers for Faking a Sunkissed Glow

Summer skin in just one swipe.

Although a beach vacation isn’t in the cards for the near future (a small price to pay for safety), there’s no reason why you can’t mimic that sun-kissed look throughout the upcoming weeks—that’s the beauty of makeup. Bronzer, in particular, has been our beauty savior all winter long, and with a few more months to go until summer finally arrives, we decided to share what formulas we turn to when our skin is looking a little less than glowy. Whether you like a subtle tint across your nose and cheekbones or are a master of the full-face beat, these seven bronzers will help you look like a beachy goddess (no matter your skin tone) in no time.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan, $49

If you want to feel like you truly are on a beachside vacation, this coconut-scented bronzer is the formula for you. The warm matte finish can replicate a gorgeous summer tan in just one swipe of a brush, and the compact is generous enough to last an entire year with ease.
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