Dyson Just Launched a Revolutionary New Hair Straightener

But is it worth the $500 price tag?

dyson hair straightener
Here’s a fun fact about hair straighteners for you beauty nerds: The first patented product was introduced in 1909 by Isaac K. Shero and comprised two heated flat irons pressed together. No heat settings, no ceramic plates, just determination to have a smooth texture at any cost and the faint sizzle of burning hair. Fast-forward to today, with the debut of one of the most exciting innovations in hot tools since the straightening brush roughly five years ago. Dyson is unveiling its first-ever flat iron, the Corrale, which utilizes patented flex plates, comes in two colorways (purple and black or silver and fuchsia) and is entirely cord-free.

The Corrale uses four lithium-ion batteries for power, and when we had the opportunity to test it a few weeks ago, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it still delivered enough heat to straighten a one-inch section of hair in one pass. But the most exciting feature of this new release is definitely the plates, which are made of a copper alloy (six metals, to be exact) and actually flex and bend to help contain the hair between the plates while you’re using it. That means your section of hair won’t leak out the sides of the iron, causing you to have to go over that section again and expose your hair to more heat. They also have tourmaline edges, which produce ionizing properties that help reduce static and frizz.


dyson hair straightenerPhoto: Courtesy of Dyson
There are three heat settings on the straightener—330, 365, and 410 Fahrenheit (or 165, 185, and 210 Celcius). Similar to the cult-favorite Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and Airwrap styler, this also has the Intelligent Heat Control technology. Why is that important? A platinum sensor measures the temperature 100 times a second before communicating with an internal microprocessor, which in turn controls the heating system. That means the plates are actually heated to the temperature you select without it fluctuating throughout the time you use it. This keeps your hair protected from heat damage (although we always recommend using a heat protectant spray before using any styling tool), and because the flex technology keeps your hair in place during your styling session, you can achieve the same results with a lower heat setting. Neat!

While we were extremely impressed with the iron’s ability to create straight, wavy, and curly styles on a multitude of hair textures and thicknesses, the iron itself is a little heavier than the average model. That’s unfortunately the side effect of using four weighty batteries instead of a cord to power it. The charging stand is also not the most conducive to traveling, since it would take up quite a bit of room in your luggage; however, leaving it on your vanity and then taking your straightener wherever you please in your home to style your hair (like sitting on the couch watching Netflix, perhaps) seems like a worthy trade-off in our opinion. So if you’re equal parts beauty guru and tech geek, or simply want an extremely effective flat iron, then it might be worth shelling out the $500 to get one.
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