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Get Glowing: Your Guide to Effortless, Flushed Makeup

Mimic that post-sex glow with dewy skin, flushed cheeks, and a makeout-worthy pout.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and rather than covering yourself in glitter and pink lipstick (although we’re still very much into those options), this year we’re leaning in to our new favorite beauty look: the post-sex glow. You know, that flushed, dewy I-just-had-multiple-orgasms-and-look-like-a-damn-goddess effect. It’s equal parts effortless and eye-catching and ideal if you don’t love wearing a full face of heavy makeup.

If you haven’t already tried to replicate this look with some expertly applied blush, highlighter, and lip gloss, don’t worry—we consulted makeup artist Shayna Goldberg for her must-have products. So, how exactly do you mimic that post-O effect with makeup? Says Goldberg, “I was thinking of heated skin, and when you’re hot and flushed, it’s very central. I wanted products that would look like the heat is coming out of the skin, meaning nothing opaque and more warm, transparent tones.”

“For darker skin tones, you want to use more blue undertones instead of brick or red because they tend to read peachy. That’s why I like using a deep burgundy for lips or cheeks. If it wasn’t a blue undertone, it would look more like makeup—it wouldn’t be a natural tone that would come out of her skin.” If you can’t find the right blush shade for your skin tone, don’t be afraid to utilize lipstick instead—the creamy formula will help accentuate your skin texture and bring out your inner dew factor.

And to ensure that you look appropriately glowy (read: slightly sweaty), the artist recommends using a translucent powder for spot coverage. “It’s for the hot spots on your skin where you wouldn’t necessarily want to glow, like the nose, the crease in your chin, and the upper lip.” Otherwise, this type of makeup is about enhancing the internal heat you create, from your forehead all the way down to your décolletage.

Follow along below for all her tips and tricks plus how-to videos to recreate two versions of this Valentine’s-worthy look.

1. Prep the skin with a hydrating serum and priming moisturizer for a smooth, bouncy effect.

2. Apply a thin layer of your favorite cream foundation, using your fingers to blend and help the product melt into the skin.

3. Fill in the brows where necessary with an eyebrow pencil, drawing short, precise strokes in the same direction as the hair growth.

4. Set the brows and add even more fullness with a tinted brow gel.

5. Apply a liquid highlighter in a warm, shimmery shade on the eyelid, stopping at the crease.
  • Liyah James Wears:
  • Silk 90s style maxi slip dress by Sleeper
  • Love heart clip-on earrings by Venessa Arizaga
  • Gloves by Sleeper
6. Swipe a black waterproof mascara on the upper lashes.

7. Use a specialty ball brush to apply mascara to the lower lashes for added definition.

8. Draw a thin liquid liner on the upper lid, pressed to the base of the lashes, and extend it only slightly beyond the end of the eye.

9. Apply a plum cream blush to the apples of the cheeks, across the nose bridge, and on the brow bone for a flushed, sun-kissed effect.

10. Tap a golden cream highlighter to the orbital bone beneath the eye and under the brow.
11. Layer a transparent cream highlighter over the tinted highlighter for extra glow.

12. Moisturize the lips with an anti-aging lip treatment.

13. Tap on a just-bitten lip stain.

14. For an all-over sweaty glow, apply a rich moisturizer to your décolletage.

15. Spot-treat your nose, upper lip, and chin crease with a translucent powder.

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1. Prep the skin with a hydrating serum and priming moisturizer for a smooth, bouncy effect.

2. Apply your favorite creamy foundation, blending with your fingers to help it melt into the skin.

3. Cover any lingering spots or discoloration with a creamy concealer.

4. Use a warm, rosy lipstick as your blush, blending out to midway along the cheekbone.

5. Apply that same lipstick to your lips as a base.
  • Emily Kay Wears:
  • Silk loungewear dress by Sleeper
  • Embellished heart drop earrings by Alessandra Rich
  • Gloves by Sleeper
6. Layer a more punchy red shade of blush over the first for a flushed effect. Diffuse it outward with a fluffy brush across the cheeks and over the bridge of the nose.

7. Swipe on a tinted brow gel.

8. Apply a highlight-bronzer hybrid with a small blending brush in a “3” shape around your temples, cheekbones, and jawline, as well as across the bridge of your nose, under the brows, and in your eye crease.

9. Apply a pearlescent, flesh-toned cream shadow to the eyelids, diffusing slightly at the edges with your finger.

10. Swipe on a brown waterproof mascara to the upper and lower lashes.
11. Tap a pearlescent highlighter along the cheekbones.

12. Tap a sheer red lip gloss into the center of the mouth in a heart shape, diffusing outwards with your finger.

13. For an all-over sweaty glow, apply a rich moisturizer to your décolletage.

14. Spot-treat your nose, upper lip, and chin crease with a translucent powder.

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