Get Well

Get Well


Proof That We’re Probably All Taking Too Many Supplements

Turns out you *can* have too much of a good thing.


The Unexpected Side Effect Technology Has on Your Skin

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Murad is pioneering the whole-body approach to anti-aging and skin health.


Jessica Springsteen Is a Champion Equestrian with a Goldfish Cracker Addiction

Destined for a music career by way of her rock royalty parents, she found her true calling as a star jumper.


Busy Philipps on the Most Disgusting “Diet” She’s Ever Tried

“We tried to do it, but I think I bailed after three days. We were supposed to lose 10 pounds in a week. I regret ever buying into any of those things.”


Shaq Checks TMZ Before Getting Out of Bed Every Morning

And other things he does for his wellness.


NYC's Cult-Favorite Fitness Studio Founder Once Hated Working Out

How Bari's Alexandra Bonetti Perez learned to love working out and turned it into a successful career.


Why Everyone Should Take Nina Agdal’s Approach to Wellness to Heart

The Sports Illustrated model on forgetting about the number on the scale and “diet soup.”


Bella Hadid’s Nutritionist’s Surprisingly Simple Approach to Wellness

Dr. Passler’s Pure Change Program is more than an eating plan; it’ll change how you think.


Ellie Goulding Once Laid in a Bathtub Full of Seaweed

The singer opened up to us about balancing fitness and her career, and told us the one thing she never travels without.


How Past Extreme Dieting Made Djuna Bel Realize Balance Is Key

The fashion industry can take its toll, but the model and stylist learned that the real meaning of wellness is moderation.

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Ray Donovan’s Lili Simmons Will Never Do the Raw Diet Again

But chants every morning for meditation and swears charcoal negates a hangover.


Shanina Shaik Does 100 Sit-Ups Every Day

Plus, the beverage she has each morning and her foolproof jet lag remedy.


Diane Kruger Doesn’t Believe In Juice Cleanses And Needs 9 Hours Of Sleep

The actress and face of CHANEL Skincare on her simple beauty routine, loving Pho and not feeding into health fads.


Kate Walsh Travels with Her Own Personal “Water Cooler”

It’s her secret to staying hydrated.


Did You Know the Healthiest Thing You Can Do for Yourself Is *Free*?

Talking with Nate Brown on being an extremist, bacon chocolate, and just breathing.


Exactly How This Actor Got In Shape For Her Latest Role

Carla Gugino gives credit to yoga and high-altitude training for her fitness level.


Paloma Elsesser on Haters & Her Best Self

Nike’s latest ambassador gets real.


This is What it’s Like to Be a Professional Polo Player

And also really ridiculously good looking.


Ronda Rousey Gets Real About Social Media

The MMA fighter sounds off on social media, makeup & the world of celebrity.


The Hottest Doctor on Instagram, IRL

Doctor Mike talks criticism and social media fame.


This is How Danielle Brooks Stays Healthy

The “Orange Is the New Black” Star on running, tuna melts and embracing her body.


How Weed Saved ScHoolboy Q’s Life

And why the rapper suddenly decided that it was time to work on his fitness.

Get Well

Olivia Culpo Loves Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

And lots (and lots) of champagne.

Get Well

Elle MacPherson on Russian Baths & Indulging in Dark Chocolate

Plus trying out hip-hop dance classes, why she hates the gym and the one thing she must drink daily.


Christie Brinkley Drinks Champagne Instead of Green Juice

She also dry-exfoliates her face and swears by hair extensions.

Get Well

Tracy Anderson on Eating Fries and Still Finding Balance

Gwyneth Paltrow and J.Lo's go-to trainer gets real about health.

Get Well

Marc Jacobs' Personal Chef on Making Chicken for Fashion’s Favorite Designer

Lauren Gerrie on her insane (literally) workout regimen, choosing deliciousness over health, and the “ballerina diet”.

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Cindy Bruna On Cheese, French Beauty & Victoria's Secret

She goes to the same gym as Olivier Rousteing, guys.

Get Well

Katie Holmes

On balancing cookies with green juice & how she gets her hair to look like *that*.