Class of ’21

Class of ’21

Class of 2021

How Christina Najjar Created ‘Tinx,’ the Influencer to End Them All

To share or overshare, that is the question.

Class of 2021

Quil Lemons Takes Photographs That Speak the Truth

This self-dubbed Tumblr kid holds a major stake in today's cultural conversation.


Raoúl Alejandre Is Pushing Past the Conventional Limits of Beauty

2021 was a career-defining year for the artist—and it's only just the beginning.

Class of ’21

The Olympic Gold Medal Was Suni Lee’s Biggest 2021 Plot Twist

Inside the world-class gymnast and college freshman's stellar year.


Nostalgia Is the Biggest Beauty Trend of the Year

These iconic looks from the past have found a new life in 2021.

Class of 2021

Dressing in Tandem—The Best Couple Style Moments of 2021

Stylists reveal what actually goes into those celebrated couple moments.


The Evolution of BIA

The rapper opens up about her breakout single, her deluxe EP, plastic surgery, and the year that changed everything.


The Most Memorable Beauty Looks From 2021

We're taking a look back at moments that had us double-tapping and doing double-takes.

Class of 2021

How Recho Omondi Uses a Podcast to Break Down the Barriers of Fashion

If you don't cover red carpet, runway, product, celebrities, or trends, what's left?

Class of 2021

How Chani Nicholas Is Reshaping the Way Everyone Views Astrology

The astrologer and author turned entrepreneur is unapologetically building a brand based purely on intuition.


How to Nail Issa’s No-Makeup Makeup Beauty Look

All the products, tips, and tricks makeup artist Joanna Simkin used in order to achieve a glowing finish.

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Class of 2021

The Year of Red Carpet References: Blurring the Lines Between Past & Present

Remember when Olivia Rodrigo wore a dress that was older than her?

Class of 2021

Eloghosa Osunde Isn’t Playing by Your Rules

The writer and visual artist on her creative process.


Inside the Technicolor World of Makeup Artist Sam Visser

The 21-year old is bringing his distinct creative perspective to Dior Beauty and using this new influence to shift the direction of the industry as a whole.

Class of 2021

How 2021 Revived Our Love of Fashion

From Amanda Gorman's inauguration ensemble to Billie Eilish on the cover of British Vogue, here are the year's top 10 moments.

Cover Story

Introducing Issa: The Creator on What’s Next After Insecure

As the curtain closes on her hit HBO show, the multi-hyphenate is setting the stage for the next phase of her career.