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Your June 2024 Horoscopes

Between Cancer season, Venus and Mercury Cazimi in Gemini, and Saturn retrograde in Pisces, June will be the most socially curious month of the year.

Your June 2024 Horoscopes
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Gemini season is in full swing and this month is overflowing with socially exciting and intellectually stimulating energy thanks to a planetary pileup in chatty Gemini, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon. While May may have offered us two of the luckiest days of the year, June provides nonstop fun and frivolity.

The month begins with clever Mercury entering Gemini on June 3rd, where it will stay for a brief two weeks. At home, Mercury loves being in quick-witted Gemini. This is a transit known for helping us to communicate and think with clarity. While Gemini is usually known for its light-heartedness and mental agility, this transit starts on a deeper note because of immediate connections made to philosophizing Jupiter and Pluto, the planet of metamorphosis. It’s a harmonious cosmic alignment that urges us to be curiously optimistic about the transformations taking place in our lives.

Venus moves into the heart of the Sun in Gemini in the following days, activating a Venus Cazimi on the 4th. Cazimis happen whenever a planet moves directly “into the heart of the Sun.” Think of them as the ultimate mud mask—meant to purify our relationship with the areas in our lives that these planets influence. With Venus, we receive a boost of creativity and compassion, offering a sense of renewed vigor in relationships. Our first lunation of the month, a New Moon in Gemini, lands on the 6th. This is one of the loveliest moments of the month, thanks to Venus, who will be in perfect alignment. If you’ve been wanting to launch any communications-based project, whether it’s with social media, podcasting, writing, or publishing, this is the best time of the year for it!

The planet of drive, Mars, departs high-octane Aries for steadier Taurus on June 9th, marking a turning point in how we assert our will. This is a call to practice patience and invest energy into stability-building efforts, bringing much-needed grounding energy to the cosmos. By mid-month, on the 14th, Mercury takes a solar bath with its own Cazimi in the Sun. After a long retrograde in Aries and a slow slog through Taurus, Mercury becomes revitalized just in time for Summer, helping us gain insight into what intentions we are setting for the second half of the year. On the 17th, Mercury and Venus move hand-in-hand, leaving dualistic Gemini for caretaking Cancer. For the rest of the month, our thoughts and tastes take on a more sensitive and moody expression, helping to soothe any headaches that were caused by the build-up of monkey-mind energy while in Gemini.

Cancer season starts on June 21st, officially beginning a Summer of growing freedom and connection. As we celebrate the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, we become energized to seize the present moment before any summertime sadness sets in. On the 22nd, we have the first of two back-to-back Full Moons in Capricorn. As the “GOAT” of the zodiac takes center stage, we’re asked to step up and take ownership of our actions and ambitions.

Everyone’s favorite teacher, Saturn, stations retrograde in Pisces at the end of the month. For the next four and half months, we’ll be encouraged to review the ways in which we’ve built better emotional boundaries, nurtured our spiritual well-being, and overcome obstacles (or not). There’s a lot to celebrate this month, and we should all be proud of ourselves for making it halfway through a wild year!

Keep reading below to find what June’s astrology has in store for every rising sign.

Important astrological dates in June 2024

Monday, June 3rd: Mercury enters Gemini

Tuesday, June 4th: Venus Cazimi in Gemini

Thursday, June 6th: New Moon in Gemini

Sunday, June 9th: Mars enters Taurus

Friday, June 14th: Mercury Cazimi in Gemini

Monday, June 17th: Mercury + Venus enter Cancer

Friday, June 21st: Cancer Season Begins

Saturday, June 22nd: Full Moon in Capricorn

Saturday, June 29th: Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces

Horoscopes By Rising Sign


Pay attention to your self-worth this month. Not to be confused with self-esteem, which relies on external factors such as successes and achievements to define your worthiness, your self-worth stems from your internal dialogue. After your cosmic ruler, Mars, moves into your sector of personal resources on the 9th, you’ll be encouraged to foster the abilities that you deem valuable. By cultivating stronger self-worth in this way, you’ll tap into a wellspring of abundance not just within money, but in relationships as well. All of the Gemini energy this month activates your sector of learning, making it a great time to take up a class or begin putting your ideas into action. Once Cancer season starts on the 21st, your attention turns toward home, urging you to spend nourishing time with family.


You’re continuing to discover a renewed sense of self this month, especially as Mars enters your sign on the 9th. You may need to exchange your typically peaceful constitution for a more dominant one in order to secure additional resources that support your growth. Be mindful that your self-advocacy doesn’t turn into bullheadedness. Once your cosmic ruler, Venus, moves into tender Cancer alongside Mercury on the 17th, you’ll soften into a more sensitive state of mind. The travel bug is sure to bite as we approach the first Capricorn Full Moon on the 22nd, making it the perfect time to manifest your Summer getaway.


You’re stepping into your full power this month! When your cosmic ruler, Mercury, enters Gemini on the 3rd, a period of heightened personal expression begins. The New Moon in your sign on the 6th offers an opportunity to wipe the slate clean of any outdated ways of thinking and relating. If you’ve been considering a rebrand, then this is the best time to re-introduce yourself to the world as the self-confident baddie you are. During the Mercury Cazimi on the 14th, you’ve got a potent window to advocate for yourself and map out a path to achieving your goals. Once Mercury enters sensitive Cancer, arm-in-arm with the planet of desire, Venus, your attention turns toward money matters. Patience will be key, which can be challenging for any Gemini. Embrace introspection and trust in the process of your metamorphosis.


If you’re not in the mood to party with everyone else, then don’t let FOMO get in the way of putting your needs first this month. June starts out slow, encouraging time to rest and retreat so that you can operate with a full cup. The New Moon in Gemini asks you to introduce new modes of self-care. If you’ve been neglecting your workout regimen, over-indulging in treats, or not making time to be in nature, then this makes for a beneficial reset point. Once your season starts on the 21st, the pace of life will quicken rapidly, helping you feel ready to step out of your cocoon and enjoy fun in the sun. The Capricorn full moon the following day is the perfect time to go out and celebrate with someone close to you, just remember not to sacrifice your needs for the sake of others' comfort.


In June, you are filled with fun and social energy as a pileup of planets sparks new storylines in your sector of community. You’ve worked your fiery ass off this past year, so this month is for making time with friends and family to relish in the love and success you’ve not only created for yourself but also inspired in others. Once we shift into Cancer season on the 21st, your cosmic ruler, the Sun, will call you to look inward and shine a light on the spiritual practices that keep you in harmony. You are naturally intuitive, possessing emotional understanding and a wellspring of compassion, which you will need to use in the latter half of the month in order to adapt to the changing environment around you.


Your cosmic ruler, Mercury, enters your sector of career and reputation on the 3rd, strengthening your mental dexterity as opportunities to be recognized for your work flow to you with ease. The Gemini New Moon on the 6th marks an auspicious time to start something new in your professional life, where you’ll be seen for your intelligence, charm, and cleverness. On the 14th, Mercury aligns with the Sun in a Cazimi, fueling a breakthrough moment around your public image. Once Mercury and Venus make their way into familial Cancer on the 17th, your social calendar is likely to become full quickly, so take care to make intentional time for yourself too.


You start out this month on a magic carpet ride, giving you a whole new point of view on what lies ahead. Your cosmic ruler, Venus, aligns with the Sun in a Cazimi on the 4th, expanding your horizons and purifying your belief system—especially when it comes to the way you’ve been thinking about love and relationships. The Gemini New Moon also aligns with romantic Venus, making this a beautiful time to pursue new interests. Until the 17th, while Venus is still in your sector of adventure, your desires to explore and experience will be frequently stimulated, but work is likely to be more demanding than usual. Once Mercury and Venus move into Cancer, your charisma and creativity get dialed up, allowing for exciting new opportunities to appear.


What investments are you making this month, literally and figuratively? Be they with people or institutions, there’s an excitement building as the month begins around sharing resources in order to inspire transformative growth. Once your cosmic ruler, Mars, enters Taurus on the 9th, you’ll enter a six-week period that both inspires connection and drives conflict. It’s a time to take decisive action in relationships, whether that means ending things, initiating next steps toward commitment, or inviting someone new altogether. The air will lighten substantially once Cancer season starts on the 21st, activating your sector of adventure and beliefs. Through the rest of the month, you’ll be encouraged to partner up for a nurturing exploration of the unknown.


Love is in the air this month, along with energizing creative inspiration and profound inner healing. The Gemini New Moon on the 6th offers a clean slate to begin anew in your important relationships. Your mantra is, “I open my heart to those who I know deserve it.” Now that your cosmic ruler, Jupiter, is firmly in your sector of relationships, there’s increasing importance on prioritizing fulfilling interpersonal dynamics. When Mercury and Venus move into Cancer on the 17th, into your sector of shared resources, your powers of intuition and sexual prowess will be dialed up. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 22nd signals financial gains or other positive news related to your work and career.


June promises to be a productive month, stimulating ideas for how you can make healthier, more optimized lifestyle choices. The Gemini New Moon on the 6th is the perfect opportunity to hit reset on your daily rituals and introduce something fresh that keeps you excited to move through your day. Whatever activities you start working into your routine at this time have a stronger chance of sticking. Once Mars goes into Taurus on the 9th, and especially after Mercury and Venus enter Cancer on the 17th, you’ll be largely motivated by relationships, marking a good time to check in with the wants and needs of your heart. The Full Moon in your sign on the 22nd, followed by your cosmic ruler, Saturn, going retrograde on the 29th, invites you to simplify your goals and work on expressing your ideas effectively.


Your playfulness, cleverness, and creativity are growing to an all-time high, especially for the first half of the month. While the cosmos emphasizes Gemini’s curious nature, you’re encouraged to take risks that lead to love. A muse sets the stage for inspiration, making this month a great time to pursue the pleasures of creation. Once Venus and Mercury move into Cancer on the 17th, the cosmic tide turns your attention to health, habits, and work. There will be a gradual emphasis on the ways in which you take care of all the pillars of your health this summer. The Capricorn Full Moon, followed by your cosmic ruler, Saturn, stationing retrograde in Pisces, emphasizing the importance of setting and enforcing healthy work-life boundaries.


There is a homecoming in store for you this month. When Mercury meets your cosmic ruler, Jupiter, around the Gemini New Moon on the 6th, expect exciting ideas that offer insight into your ideal living situation. You’re being encouraged to root yourself in soil that may have previously felt more like sand. Whether it’s tracing your lineage, planning a move, or simply getting curious about how you can turn your house into a home, there’s much to be gained by spending your attention on home and family for the first half of the month. From the 17th onwards, once Venus, Mercury, and the Sun move into Cancer, focus on your creative output and prioritize your pleasure. Once Saturn stations retrograde in your sign, you’ll find yourself stepping up to the plate to better understand the importance and meaning of your responsibilities.

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