The Ultimate Astrology Gift Guide for Your Horoscope-Loving Friends

We all know someone who spends a little too much time on the Co-Star app!

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We all have that one friend—the friend who knows what the upcoming full moon signifies, who can explain what a trine is, who traces all of your woes back to your Aries sun or your Virgo moon. I would know because I am that friend. So, when it comes to gift-giving, what do you get said friend that asked for your Co-Star username within the first five minutes of meeting you? An astrology-themed gift, of course. Whether you’re looking to gift someone for their birthday, a holiday, or just to say “I miss you,” find a curated list of our favorite zodiac-themed astrology gifts all of the signs (even the most discerning Libras!) will appreciate, below.

Sun, Moon & Rising Necklace

Anyone who knows anything about astrology knows that the sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg. “What’s your big three?” is the new “What’s your sign?” This necklace is perfect for the astrology buff who identifies as much with their moon sign as their sun sign.

Susan Alexandra

Zodiac Tee

This tee is ideal for your skateboarding, astrology-loving bestie whose hair always looks great without touching a brush.


Zodiac Thong

As the rulers of the nether regions, Scorpios would love this gift. I myself am a Scorpio, so I’ll be gifting this to myself.

Fluer Du Mal

Gemini Candle

If she’s into astrology, it’s highly likely she’s into candles. We recommend this pick for a Taurus or Cancer—the coziest signs.


Astrology Shave Set

Billie razors are already adorable. Add sparkles and astrology, and you have a great gift for a teenage sibling.


Crystal-infused Zodiac Nail Polish

Zodiac theme aside, this nail polish is just dang pretty. You can’t go wrong with these shades, even if you haven’t 100 percent bought into the astrology craze.

Uncommon Goods

Crystal Infused Zodiac Perfume

Close your eyes and imagine how a Capricorn would smell. If cool citrus notes come to mind, you would be correct—the sharp clarity of the scent captures a Capricorn’s essence. The Pisces scent evokes the ocean, the Libra scent a peach bellini. It just makes sense.

Zodica Perfumery
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