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This Elle Director Refers to Herself as the “Neighborhood Eccentric”

How Véronique Hyland adds intrigue to her WFH ensembles.

Welcome to Style Diaries, a series where we research the physical manifestations of our closet tours IRL. We're asking friends and tastemakers to show us what they're *actually* wearing during the week and to provide a little insight into their thoughts on the current state of fashion. This week, we follow Elle’s fashion features director and author of a new book Dress Code: Unlocking Fashion from the New Look to Millennial Pink Véronique Hyland through seven colorful days of Zoom calls, phone interviews, and hangouts around New York City.

What does your style look like these days? Do you have a go-to outfit formula or do you prefer to switch it up when getting dressed?

“I don’t really have formulas. Even though it would probably make sense to! I’m kind of a chaotic person and the daily choose-your-own adventure of picking out what to wear is fun for me. Some people enjoy roller coasters; I enjoy the daily roller coaster of ‘just how bonkers is this going to look?’”

What energy are you bringing to your ensembles this season? What are you looking forward to wearing?

“As we get into spring, I’m trying to bring more energy and color into my daily wardrobe, simply because it cheers me up. Even if I’m working from home and only making short jaunts to the coffee shop or the UPS store, it’s nice to brighten my day and that of others with a little rainbow magic. (As I type these words, I’m well aware that I’m probably considered the neighborhood eccentric.)

“I just ordered my first-ever Chopova Lowena piece, a multicolored mesh dress, and am excited about that. I also have a Heat soundtrack-themed t-shirt from Andafterthat that I’ve been wearing constantly (it has been a conversation starter with two different strangers already! Love to connect with fellow Michael Mann fans.)”

In terms of beauty, what does your go-to hair and makeup routine look like and how does that change based on what you’re wearing?

“I know everyone says this, but I genuinely am very low maintenance. In terms of beauty stuff, I don’t feel like additional effort into my appearance bears fruit, because I basically look the same no matter what I use. I do wear sunscreen every day, though I also avoid the sun like a vampire. I’ve been very into Supergoop’s tinted Glowscreen, because it gives a little coverage but isn’t heavy, and you still see my freckles and skin tone. I’ll brush up my brows with an Hourglass brush because I like to emphasize them. My hair is down and naturally wavy 99 percent of the time. I usually either do nothing and air-dry it, or use a wave spray from Davines. The one thing I invest in is my lips—I’m a huge lipstick lover and own a Roy G. Biv’s worth of tubes. I’m very into Hermès’s offerings right now; the packaging is insane.”

Look 1: Outdoor Dining

veronique hyland
veronique hyland

“A friend was visiting from Memphis, so we did some outdoor dining at a local Italian place, complete with pasta, negronis, and a spirited debate about the latest episode of Euphoria. I like the way the Loeffler Randall heels pick up the hot pink of the Maggie Marilyn trench, and I’m in love with this chartreuse Staud mini bag that fits my Kindle, wallet, phone, and keys—boiling it down to the necessities! I’m not a big believer in the ‘pop of color’ approach. I want lots of color all the time! Otherwise, I get bored. Diana Vreeland said ‘the eye has to travel,’ and I think it needs to traverse the whole spectrum.”

Have the Faith Blazer

Maggie Marilyn

Camellia Red Pleated Bow Heel

Loeffler Randall


$359 $181

Look 2: Working from Home

veronique hyland
veronique hyland

“I’m still full-time remote, so my typical work days are basically Zooms with designers and PRs, Elle team meetings, and squinting at my computer while I answer 1,000 emails and edit stories. Then, at night I switch to working on promotional stuff for the book. So, today was a healthy mix of all the above. I love a Western touch, and this Mother fringe jacket is actually a set that comes with a matching skirt. I like breaking them up to give just a touch of the motif, as I did here, but sometimes you gotta go full Willie Nelson and wear the whole set. These Frame jeans are the most comfortable—I’m extremely brand loyal to them after meeting the founders, Jens and Erik, years ago—and I love the ’70s-style suede strip running up them. I added this mini bag because CHANEL-meets-cowgirl is basically my vibe. It’s a little bit country, a little bit goth rock—just like me.”

Look 3: Outdoor Lunch Break

veronique hyland
veronique hyland

“It was actually nice out after an interminable New York winter, so I actually took my WFH lunch break outside and read Kathryn Schulz’s new book Lost and Found in the park. The Nike dress is comfy enough to run in, and I wanted to add some Jules-from-Euphoria-inspired flair with fun glittery Converse, a metallic Tory Burch puffer, and a Nana-Nana bag I bought in Kyoto. I’m an athleisure girl through and through. I won’t abandon it no matter how much anyone trashes it. That said, I like to make it fun and weird, and I think this look really epitomizes that.”

A5 Blue

Nana Nana

Look 4: Lots of Phone Interviews

veronique hyland
veronique hyland

“[Today was] interviews, interviews, interviews for our May issue. They were all over the phone, so that meant I could keep it cozy with a turtleneck and leggings. I was mostly dressing for couch-ready comfort here. This Vince funnel neck is the softest thing I own, and the leggings from Sanctuary Clothing are dressed-up enough to pass as real pants. If for some reason I need to step out, this clutch from The Attico and these silver flats from Casadei keep it sophisticated. I love the beatnik combo of a black turtleneck and leggings, which reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s character in Funny Face, but being me, I have to bring in some metallics and neons to make it feel like a party.”

Runway Leggings




Look 5: Zoom Calls

veronique hyland
veronique hyland

“I had a bunch of calls and Zooms related to book promo, so I wanted to look a bit more polished and professional to close out the week. A blazer is my shortcut to appearing pulled together, and this one from the Sydney-based label St. Agni works over everything from this COS sweater dress to my usual jeans and a t-shirt. I went bigger when it came to the accessories—riot grrrl Freda Salvador boots, a single SVNR earring (designer Christina Tung was kind enough to make me this clip-on version since I don’t have pierced ears), and a CHANEL bag that was a Christmas gift from the brand. (Yes, I may have screamed in my office when I unwrapped it!) This was my version of minimalist business casual without sacrificing the fun touches that keep life interesting.”

Boy Flap Bag


Look 6: Podcasting

veronique hyland
veronique hyland

“I recorded an episode of a fashion-related podcast to promote the book—I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say what it is yet, but I wanted to pay tribute to the fashion theme and impress my hosts! I always loved what Erin Beatty did at Suno, and I’m a big fan of her line Rentrayage, which is upcycled, making every piece one-of-a-kind. Another obsession: the Vivienne Westwood pearl choker that has gone viral on TikTok. I dug out this similar necklace of unknown provenance (I think it was a vintage find) because I thought its twisted romantic vibe matched the dress so well. I can’t get enough toile, personally, but the burlap-like texture makes this dress feel more grunge than Marie Antoinette. I love the romantic scalloped neckline of this dress and how it looks with the unusual shape of the choker.”

Dragon Lady Dress

$1695 $678

Look 7: Leisurely Weekend Activities

veronique hyland
veronique hyland

“I’ve basically spent every weekend leading up to my pub date working on Dress Code promo, so I’ve been trying to schedule something relaxing and fun when possible. Today it was a massage at the Cowshed spa at Nordstrom. I also took the time to walk around Central Park a little while catching up with a friend on the phone. This coat is a find from a clothing swap I went to, and I jump at any chance to wear it. (The brand label is Flair of Miami, how great is that?) The tesseract-y pattern really goes nicely with pastels. I paired it with an old Marissa Webb tie-neck blouse, my Frame jeans from earlier in the week, and a new bag, also from Frame. (Yes, I’m very much a bag person.) I liked the somewhat nutty pattern combo—it’s like if M.C. Escher had access to shrooms.”

Emerson Striped Shirt

Marissa Webb
$275 $116
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