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The 12 Female Artists to Know—& Follow Now

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This Art Collector Wants You to Know Your Artists

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This Artist Is Changing the Way We See & Experience Flowers

Meet celebrity florist Maurice Harris.


Meet the Graphic Designer Behind Coveteur’s Latest Merch

Craig Ward counts Google, Calvin Klein, and Equinox as clients, too.


The World of Hebru Brantley Comes to Life in Chicago

The visual artist creates “Nevermore Park,” an interactive art exhibition centered on Flyboy and Lil Mama, his most prolific characters.


How to Invest In Upcoming Artists Before They Get Big

This just in! You can now afford adult art.

It's in the Bag
Zodiaque Long Cancri Necklace
Van Cleef & Arpels

Zodiaque Long Cancri Necklace


Chi Modu Is the Man Behind Tupac & Biggie’s Most Iconic Photos

He’s arguably the most important photographer in hip-hop history, and we were lucky enough to spend some time with him.


This Woman Is Responsible for Helping to Launch Dozens of Fashion Brands

How Sharifa Murdock helps foster emerging talent, and the best thing new designers can do to get noticed.


Meet the Sculpture Artist Hermès Commissions on the Regular

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2 Toronto Creatives Making Artwork That’s Gaining International Attention

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The Most Important Part of Your Wedding Isn’t Your Dress

It’s your Jennifer Behr headpiece.


Temple St. Clair Considers Herself a Jewelry Anthropologist

Examining the human condition one couture piece of jewelry at a time.


Do We Hate Our Women?

Zoë Buckman’s artwork isn’t afraid to say maybe–and that women are ready to fight back.


The Woman Behind the Next Great Generation of Artists

Her family’s organization helped Moonlight get made and Viola Davis, Andrew Rannells and Anna Gunn start their careers.


Inside Iconic Designer Lindsey Adelman’s NYC Studio

She’s massively influential in the design world, but she’s just about to head in a new direction.


Zoe Buckman’s Closet Is Every Bit as Powerful as Her Artwork

The woman behind the neon boxing uterus (Google it if you haven’t seen it) on the style expectations that come with being an artist. New York.


What Vintage Playboys Have to Do with Fine Art and Sexual Empowerment

Kathryn Macnaughton gives us a tour of her graphic works.


What A Ballerina Eats For Breakfast

How New York City Ballet Principal Dancer, Tiler Peck, starts her day.


Why Kathryn Hahn Is Optimistic about American Politics

Kathryn Hahn isn’t thrilled about the current state of affairs, but she’s trying to look at the silver lining.


We Know Where to Get the Rugs of All Your Decorating Dreams

Aelfie Oudghiri’s label, Aelfie, is the perfect budget-friendly alternative for vintage lovers.


How One Photographer Is Breaking Down the Stigma around Mental Health

Exploring a Team Cov-alum’s first solo project.


This 24-Year-Old Artist Found Major Success by Giving Voice to Her Insecurities

Sarah's Scribbles cartoons about social anxieties and awkwardness are incredibly relatable.


Sadie Barnette Made Art out of Her Father’s Black Panther FBI File

The artist on surveillance and the role of art in activism.

New Wave

How To Have A Museum-Quality Art Collection By 23

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