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What the Solar Eclipse in Aries Means for Your Zodiac Sign

April 2024 is a month none of us will ever forget.

What the Solar Eclipse in Aries Means for Your Zodiac Sign
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The last time we had a total solar eclipse visible in America was in August 2017, and it’s not hard to remember the magnitude of culture-shifting events that transpired then. As we prepare for Monday’s big event, which also happens to be the last visible total solar eclipse in North America until 2044, there are a few important elements to consider. The first and most important is how an asteroid named Chiron, or “The Wounded Healer,” will be configured to the sun, moon, and Earth at the moment of the eclipse’s exact alignment.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth align precisely in space. With the moon sandwiched squarely in between the Earth and the sun, the moon physically blocks—or eclipses—the view of the sun in what’s called the “path of totality” across Earth. Throughout history, our ancestors have shaped entire cultures and civilizations around these fantastical events. Considering that in our lifetime, we’ll only get to experience a handful of these, it’s easy to understand how and why they are loaded with significance. Once you weave in the astrological considerations, an epic story starts to unfold.

The story of Chiron is integral to the astrological impact of this eclipse. In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur famous for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine. Many heroes, including Hercules, were his students. After Hercules accidentally shot Chiron with a poisoned arrow dipped in the blood of the Hydra, Chiron renounced his immortality in exchange for the freedom of another hero, Prometheus. Chiron then took his place among the stars in the constellation we now know as Centaurus. The archetype of “The Wounded Healer” is significant in the context of this “Great North American Eclipse” because—just as Chiron had to purge poison from his body in order to find a renewed sense of freedom—we are being urged to purge toxicity from our own lives in order to ascent towards our life’s true purpose.

Astrologically, a solar eclipse is akin to a supercharged new moon, when major beginnings and endings tend to occur. While this is the first visible solar eclipse in North America since 2017, it’s actually the second solar eclipse we’ve had in Aries in the last year, continuing a two-year-long saga about rediscovering and embracing our true self that began in April 2023 and will last until March of 2025. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is known for being adventurous, assertive, impulsive, and embodying the spirit of “I am.” The thing that drives Aries as the baby of the zodiac is a quest for purpose. Aries possesses a passion for taking action in order to experience and learn from all that life has to offer—often regardless of the consequences.

While many may not have a planetary placement in their birth chart in Aries, that doesn’t mean you’ll be unaffected. One of the biggest misconceptions in astrology is that you only hold the energy of your sun sign or the signs that have prominent placements in your birth chart. In actuality, each of us holds the energies of all twelve signs in some area of life. This means that the Aries solar eclipse promises to deliver a rebirth in whatever area of your chart Aries occupies in an effort to bring you closer to your purposeful path. This happens when what needs to be purged—or eclipsed—is removed, and space is created to invite healing. If you’re curious to learn more about how this will affect you, keep reading below to find a breakdown for each and every zodiac sign.

Solar Eclipse in Aries Horoscopes By Sign


This historic total solar eclipse is happening in your sign, which means you’re in store for profound transformation. You, of all people, know that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and now is your moment to channel the courage to go after whatever or whomever you’ve been desiring. You’ve already been in motion for the past year on a personal quest, so now that you’ve reached the halfway point in this karmic story of self-growth, consider what may still be holding you back from going all-in. Your purpose reveals itself each time you choose to explore what’s truly important to you rather than settling for what may be just good enough to get by.

Purging: Shame, guilt, and any fears that have you feeling indebted to a past idea of yourself. You are not your worst moment or your greatest achievement; you’re the person who’s on the journey to experience it all.

Inviting: A redefinition of Self. A helpful practice during this time is mirror work. First, write down your biggest fears and insecurities. Then, step in front of a mirror and read them aloud. Notice where you feel resistance come up in your body. Finally, either throw that paper away or, in a safe space, burn it.


Do you ever feel like there’s an invisible wall holding you back from re­aching your full potential? If so, the current cosmic energy activating your sector of the unconscious is about to smash that wall to pieces. Many intuitive messages are headed your way, especially in the dream realm. Think of these as gentle taps on the shoulder, encouraging you to take accountability for patterns of self-sabotage as well as to embrace the power in prioritizing rest. You’re rediscovering yourself on a deeper level, and that requires immense energy. Give yourself the grace to move slowly, sleep more, and turn inwards. Your path to purpose reveals itself when you sit and listen within your seat of consciousness.

Purging: Addictive tendencies and escapism. It’s no wonder all of us aren’t escaping the pains of the world with unhealthy habits such as substance abuse, compulsive­ behaviors, or excessive­ fantasizing. You are being pushed to deve­lop self-discipline in order to bre­ak free from these­ escapist patterns. Try replacing a toxic habit with a healthy way of detaching such as meditation, yoga, or spending time in nature.

Inviting: Greater self-awareness. By facing the inner workings of your unconscious mind, you’ll emerge stronger, more self-aware, and ready to move forward with clarity, meaning, and purpose.


Rest assured that it’s normal to feel out of alignment with your path right now. Your ruling planet, Mercury, happens to be retrograde right next to this powerful Aries solar eclipse. When you experience life in extremes, you’re better able to find a middle way. Be open to opportunities that connect you with like-minded individuals who inspire and support you. If you’ve felt like you don’t belong or are struggling to find communities where your voice can be heard, then rather than isolating yourself out of a fear of rejection, try pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Your path to purpose opens up when you’re with your tribe.

Purging: Fitting in. Too often, we absorb the hurtful projections of those around us. Whether it’s scapegoating, mockery, or being excluded, these wounds can cut deep. It’s important now more than ever not to let yourself succumb to a victim mentality. Find the courage to detach from those that don’t appreciate your unique genius.

Inviting: Confidence and self-assertion. By releasing the notion that you need to fit in, you’re granting yourself permission to step into your personal power. There’s extra luck in the air for attracting like-minded friendships, so take the lead and confidently pursue collaborative ventures.


As this Aries solar eclipse simultaneously obscures and reveals hidden corners in your sector of career, legacy, and ambition, you’ve got a window of opportunity to tap into a wellspring of empowerment. Take the time to celebrate your wins rather than immediately moving on to the next goalpost. Embody the feelings and sensations of what it’s like to have already accomplished your greatest hopes and dreams.

Purging: Imposter syndrome. It’s completely normal to grapple with self-doubt, anxiety, and fears related to be­ing seen publicly in the full expre­ssion of oneself. The moment has arrived, however, to face these feelings head-on. It is not about overcoming them once and for all; it's about finding the courage to stand tall each time the voice in your head tries to say, “You can’t do it.”

Inviting: A legacy you can be proud of. You’re ready to show the world your unique contributions. Once you release the expectations and pressure from others for who you should be, you open an endless universe of possibilities for who you actually are.


This solar eclipse will especially impact you, Leo, because you’re ruled by the sun. In Aries, the zodiac sign where the sun is exalted—AKA treated like royalty—there is much cosmic support for you in this season of expansion and elevation. Question what you’ve accepted as truth. What may be deemed logical in one context could be considered unimaginative in another. You already hold all of the secrets of the universe within you. This time is merely about accepting that truth is subjective and there is no one right way.

Purging: Doubting your intuition. Healing yourself to find your true purpose involves learning to quiet outside voices so that you can tune into your inner guidance with clarity. Rather than seeking perfection, be brave enough to trust yourself as the "knower," not the "thinker." Your intuitive wisdom will never lead you astray.

Inviting: New perspectives. Whether you book a plane ticket, learn about a foreign culture, or dive into the definition of spirituality, there are many ways to see the world from a fresh point of view. The more that you invite understanding beyond what you already know to be true, the more you’ll experience breakthroughs.


It’s time to face your fears and leave them in the past. This high-octane Aries solar eclipse lands in your sector of shared resources, intimacy, and the psyche, meaning that this journey is both internal and external. On the one hand, you need to examine your transactional relationships and whether they are draining or supporting you. On the other hand, your healing journey is about uncovering the potent resources that dwell in your subconscious, forgotten or unappreciated by you. With courage, you can rediscover buried psychic abilities, emotional wisdom, and unexpectedly powerful ways of relating.

Purging: Giving away your power. Focus on pruning any relationships that aren’t reciprocal while investing in the ones that give back and inspire you. There’s a fine balance to strike between living independently and asking for help when you know that you need it.

Inviting: Vulnerability. We all have trauma, but for some of us, it’s much harder to open up completely after past betrayals. Opportunities will become available to learn to trust again at this time.


After the latest Lunar Eclipse in your sign on March 25th, which placed a spotlight on your sense of independence and identity, this solar eclipse in Aries invites you to turn your attention towards relationships, commitments, and how you connect with others to live a life full of love. While Mercury retrograde is coinciding in Aries, you may find communication issues with partners abound. Take this as an opportunity to think more deeply about how you assert your wants and needs. Difficult conversations allow for deeply rooted patterns of relational behavior to be healed and repaved.

Purging: Relying on external validation for your self-esteem. You may have relied heavily on others to provide you with a sense of self-worth in the past, but the time for that is over. Your value doesn’t depend on anyone but you. You are already whole. You don’t need others to fill a void inside you or make you feel “enough.”

Inviting: Healthy relational habits. Whether it’s setting boundaries, managing conflict, opting out of mind games, or voicing your needs, there are many ways to engage consciously in healthy relationships. When you release unhealthy habits such as people-pleasing, passive-aggression, and lashing out when angry, you make space for both you and a partner to grow together.


Your talents are seemingly endless, yet you may still feel like you’re never good enough. This Aries solar eclipse is ruled by Mars, which also happens to be your ruling planet. As a natural strategist, you’ve likely already anticipated the energy of this moment to be focused on your ability to heal insecurities at work, in health, and in the day-to-day routines that support your future goals. Use your natural patience and determination to move through this time with grace and intention. On the other side, even if it feels like a distant future, lies a profound sense of purpose.

Purging: Burnout. Not that you need it, but you have permission to rest and relax. While it’s important to be of service, it’s also easy to become overcommitted and ignore the signals from your body that it needs to stop and integrate. Look to nature for guidance and inspiration. Just like the trees don’t bloom 12 months a year, neither should you. Rest is the most powerful form of productivity there is.

Inviting: Holistic health and well-being. In our modern world, we tend to focus solely on our physical health. What we don’t often hear is that there are actually four pillars of health that need to be balanced in order for us to feel fully alive and vital, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Let this time be your invitation to do at least one thing that nurtures each of these pillars. Pro tip: a walk in nature with a good friend can easily satisfy them all at once.


Life’s simplest joys often have the most profound healing effects on us. The Aries solar eclipse falls in your sector of pleasure, artistic endeavors, and the things that make our hearts sing. Focus on your pursuit of happiness. If vulnerabilities in love, such as a fear of rejection or wounds from past relationships have had you feeling less-than lately, know that by honoring your zest for life, you’ll attract the people who love you for all your beauty and zaniness. You have a special ability to inspire others to heal through the power of creative expression, so use this time to create all you can.

Purging: Self-doubt. Perhaps you’ve felt like your creative output never quite measures up to your vision or that it’s a struggle to be totally carefree because you worry about the­ consequences of indulging in e­njoyment. It’s time to let all of that go. Whether with a dance party or singing in the shower, notice the cathartic effects when you let go and embrace your vulnerability as strength.

Inviting: Compassionate companionship. You deserve to be loved across the full spectrum of life, dark to light. It starts with loving yourself, especially the messy bits. When you give yourself permission to create just for the joy of it, without concern for any specific outcome or success, you become a magnet for connection.


Our struggles give us a unique­ perspective and maturity, allowing us to turn pe­rsonal pain into valuable insights that enrich our lives. In this eclipse season, you have an open invitation to transmute the challenges you’ve faced within your home, family, and sense of belonging into a wisdom that equips you with newfound inner courage. If you find that your foundational sense of safety and security has been lacking, then this is when a greater sense of inner security and belonging is becoming established.

Purging: Resentment. This toxic emotion tends to disguise itself as a justified punishment for those who’ve wronged you, but it only leads to feeling hurt and victimized over and over again. Choose forgiveness this time and see where it leads.

Inviting: Better boundaries. The weight of the world’s sorrows is too much for any person to bear, and you do not have an imperative to heal everyone. By acknowledging your ability to guide and support while also having boundaries that prevent you from feeling responsible for the happiness of those around you, you’ll avoid emotional exhaustion, and others will inevitably follow your lead.


It’s time for you to be heard. If you’ve been feeling like your words often fail you when you need them the most, then this Aries solar eclipse will help to invite healing in communication. You have an important message to share, especially with the planet of profound transformation, Pluto, now in your sign for the next 20 years. It’s important to choose vulnerability now more than ever because this breaks the cycle. Healing happens as you build trust in your unique voice and share your insights courageously.

Purging: Inner critic. Our inner dialogue can often be harsh and filled with perpetual criticism of how we form opinions, articulate ideas, make connections, etc., but it doesn’t have to be like that forever. While we can’t get rid of the potential for negative thoughts to come up, we can gain control of our reactions to them. Your perceptions don't need to be perfect to be worthwhile.

Inviting: Faith in your mental faculties. Appreciate your perspective for what it is without judgment. Your thought process is unique, like you, for a reason. A useful tool is a daily journaling practice. By putting pencil to paper, we create a container for intrusive thoughts that can be separated from our internal sense of self-worth.


When it comes to finding and following our life’s purpose, one of the best places to start is by understanding our natural gifts and talents. This solar eclipse in Aries falls in your sector of income, personal values, and self-worth, indicating how important it is to heal imposter syndrome, cultivate authentic values, and transform financial patterns. One of the best ways to do this is by nurturing your relationship to gratitude. Your path unfolds every time you decide to let your actions prove your worth.

Purging: Scarcity mindset. There is more than enough for everyone to be comfortable and feel fulfilled. However, we’re often taught that only a select few will make it. If you’ve been linking your self-confidence to how much money you have or make, then this is the time to realize that you are worth more than anything money could buy.

Inviting: Abundance in every sense. In the material sense, this means having both the financial resources to live your rich life and the time to actually enjoy it. Relationally, you should surround yourself with those who exchange a deep level of love and respect through emotional, physical, and soul-level affection. Most importantly, on a spiritual level, it’s critical to separate oneself from a work identity—cultivating this type of abundance will help to clarify your purpose on this planet.

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