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Clean & Clear

“I know I’m not the only one dealing with stress acne at the moment, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret—this benzoyl peroxide topical treatment is my ride-or-die product, and I’ve had a tube in my beauty cabinet since I was 13 (not the same one, yikes). Just add a little dot on cleansed and moisturized skin at night to help draw the pimple to a head so you can safely extract it, or if it’s a cyst, it will help kill the bacteria and reduce the size over time.” —Hannah Baxter, Senior Beauty Editor


“I’ve been wearing this brand of mascara for at least 10 years, most often in shade 280 (blackest black). I’ve tried just about every formulation under the sun and always return to this OG for its budget-friendly price and intense thickening power—it’s truly magic!” —Jessica Teves, Head of Content