We’ve traveled the world, from inside incredible homes, to backstage at global fashion weeks. Now, our style-savvy editors are lending their expert eye to a selection of curated pieces, the trends they can’t get enough of, and the must-haves you’ll see everywhere this season. You’ll find it all here.


What We Want Right Now. (aka your ultimate shopping list).


“We’ve already established that I love lamps. This fun pleated style is a definite favorite. I own the purple version, but I think I need this orangey-yellow one, too. The built-in dimmer is such a bonus for an otherwise streamlined design.” —Hannah Baxter, Senior Beauty Editor

Sunny Health & Fitness

“Yes, Peloton is great—not going to knock them or their killer instructors. However, my style is a bit more free-flowing—I’m more of a cruiser. Also, rather than watching an instructor, I prefer to watch my queen (and imaginary best friend) Ina Garten bake gooey brownies and perfectly grill chicken on the TV. It’s my idea of the perfect workout. Also, most people can squeeze this bike in some corner of their apartment or home because it’s so compact.” —Jessica Teves, Head of Content

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