fai khadra

We Got Ready with Fai Khadra

We now know what scents the DJ prefers.

While in Miami with Dior for their Men’s fall 2020 show, it only seemed fitting that we sat down with current “It” boy Fai Khadra. Amongst the Dior suits and Fai’s own personal wardrobe (he packed for a Miami vibe, as one does), we got a chance to hear all about how the newly blond DJ/singer/creative director and sometimes model gets groomed and ready for a night out.

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On his personal style:

“This is maybe weird, but I feel like I dress for the city that I’m in. In L.A., I’m really casual; I’m usually in workout wear. Here, I just wanted to go for this schoolboy vibe or art-dealer vibe. Maybe it looks like I’m selling art, maybe it looks like I made the art.”
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