The Getting Selfie-Ready Routine: Barbara Ferreira (@barbieferreira)

Talking no filters, coconut oil, and OG mascaras.

The Getting Selfie-Ready Routine: Barbara Ferreira (@barbieferreira)
Things have gotten a whole lot more exciting for Barbara Ferreira since we last caught up. With a big role in Euphoria hurling her name into a whole new spotlight, we thought it would be fun to reminisce about the time we talked beauty. Come down memory lane with us below. 

For those of you that have been following us for a while now, it’s no secret that we appreciate a good Instagram game. Especially when said Instagram is fronted by someone who is equally as obsessed with everything beauty as we are. Let’s just say Barbara Ferreira (you may know her better as @barbieferreira) checks all the aforementioned boxes. And when you’re racking up followers by the 100Ks, well, you’ve got to be doing something right. So for the sake of quelling our own curiosity (and for educational purposes) we got Ferreira to break down her go-to makeup look, plus, every beauty item she can’t possibly live without.


The Look

“I usually wear makeup that doesn’t look like I’m wearing a lot of makeup.  I like a lot of mascara and brows. I got this primer that just smooths everything out because I have dry skin and it also makes sure that it’s on all day. I also have a Make Up For Ever foundation that looks really good on camera—it’s great for selfies [laughs]. And then I also use the Make Up For Ever highlighter—highlighting is my favorite part of makeup! I really like it because it looks good on my skin with this golden undertone because I’m kind of pale. I like cream blushes because I feel like it makes it kind of dewy. That’s my favorite thing, dewy and nature. I use a peachy one because it makes it look really summery, even though it isn’t summer anymore. And then I just add translucent power because I don’t really like adding any coverage with the powder—I think it looks a bit cakey on my skin because it’s dry. For bronzer, I like the Hoola Bronzer. I didn’t use much in the summer but because it’s fall, I’m extra, extra pale so it adds a bit of warmth. And then, my brows, I don’t really do much. I just brush them out a bit. I used to use the Anastasia brow pencil but only if I really wanted my eyebrows to be shaped but usually I just brush them. I then curl my lashes and use Great Lash—it’s good old fashion mascara. Sometimes I’ll put on individual lashes if I’m doing eyeliner but usually only on special occasions. And then, I finish off with NYX lip cream, which is my favorite thing in the world and it’s only $4.”

Morning Skincare Routine

“I usually don’t wash my face in the morning because I wash it really thoroughly at night. I have pretty sensitive skin, so at night I take off my makeup with wipes and wash with Cetaphil. I really like coconut oil to take off my makeup, too.”

#1 Makeup Trick

“Strobing is everything—putting highlighter on your cheekbones and your nose.”

Fave Hair Products

“I do nothing to my hair these days because I’m scared it’s going to fall off. I just brush through with a wet brush, shampoo, condition and dry shampoo with a little brush.”

Products She Can’t Live Without

“I can’t live without my eye shadow primer. I’ve been using it since I was in 7th grade.”

Beauty Travel Essentials

“Always my mascaras, foundation and highlighter.”

<3 Beauty

“I’ve been a very big beauty nerd since I was probably 12. I used to watch makeup tutorials on Youtube. I would go to school with blue smokey eye in the 8th grade [laughs]. I had more makeup than anyone else at 14 because I loved it and wanted to be a makeup artist. I love beauty! Lately, I’ve been more low maintenance—I don’t know what happened. Whenever I do go anywhere, I do my own makeup. I rather do my own than have someone else do it for me.”

Weirdest Beauty Trend Ever

“I put mayonnaise in the hair. I used to dye my hair in middle school and now my hair is really greasy, so none of that anymore. I have also put raw egg in my hair.”

Favorite People to Follow on Instagram

“I love dog Instagrams and shout out to Daisy the dog. He’s a little poodle and he has glasses and a chain. The owner makes him do hilarious things.”

Selfie Tips

“If I know I’m going to be taking a lot of pictures, I’ll definitely wear fake lashes. I love them and it looks so good on camera. I don’t really use filters, I don’t really venture that far. I’ve tried and I’m too lazy for that. I hardly edit my pics.”

Last Thing Googled

“Breakfast open at 5am. I’m jet-lagged.”

Exciting Instagram Follows

“I love Lorde and she follows me.”
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