highlighters for dewy skin

The 8 Best Highlighters for a Subtle, Lit-from-Within Glow

Dewy skin in a flash? No problem.

Glowing skin is the hallmark of healthy, youthful complexion, this we know. Developing an A+ skin-care routine full of hydrating serums, botanical oils, retinol, and lots of sunscreen is priority number one for getting the dewy skin of your dreams—after that, a highlighter can help take your glow to the next level. But within the world of cosmetics, there are highlighters that deliver a blinding, sparkly, dramatic look, and those that are more of a minimalist luminescence. These eight are the latter, for the days when you want to look like you drink eight liters of water in between your hot yoga class and organic vegan lunch.

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MAC Strobe Cream, $35

If you want a creamy, pearlescent highlighter that won’t blow out your selfie camera, this MAC formula is your new secret weapon. A little goes a long way with this formula, but we even like adding a drop or two to our moisturizer for a pretty all-over glow.
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