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Tricks for Pulling Off This Summer’s Trendiest Beauty Look

An MUA's guide to mastering the glazed look.

When it comes to beauty, there's no shortage of viral trends bustling about online—especially when it comes to dewy and glowing skin. Remember glass skin? If you're as beauty obsessed as we are, you've likely seen the glazed look, also known as the *glazed donut* trend that has swept the internet over the last year. The glazed look starts with the skin and finishes with creamy makeup products for a healthy glow, an illuminating sheen, and supple skin that's seemingly poreless and smooth. The look is less about specialized technique, and instead relies on a healthy dose of good skin-care habits, like serum layering and rich moisturizers, and blendable products. While the method seems easy enough, we tapped celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek, whose clients include Hailey Beiber, Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, and Hailey Steinfeld, to name a few.

Sesnek explains that "the key to an effective 'glazed donut' look is the placement of the glow and texture. If the glow is too much all over the face, it could end up looking greasy and almost tin-man like. By picking the right areas to glaze/shine with different textures, this look becomes much more effective and on point." Ahead, Sesnek shares his personal tips for achieving a glazed look that is wearable and radiant.

Lids, Cheeks & Lips

"This look focuses on the eyelids, the tops of cheeks, tip of the nose, and Cupid's bow and the lips. It is extremely wearable and really makes your features pop! The key is to keep everything on the face less glossy and flat because this will make the glazing look more effective. I love to use a glow oil and add it to a highlighter for an ultra-glazed look. I love Catrice's Glow Beautifying Face Oil and a drop or two of Catrice's More Than Glow Highlighter to make a cream highlighter that has an incredible glazed effect."

Face Glaze

"I love to add several drops of face oil to the foundation for glowing skin. After the makeup is complete, I will use a few more drops of the same oil, then, using a smaller detail brush, lightly buff over areas where I want more of a glazed effect, for example, above the brow, bridge of the nose. Try to keep the center of the face a touch less glazed or shiny—focusing on the perimeter of the face works best for an all-over glow."

Body Glow

"I cannot tell you how many times I've had to glaze, glow, and shine up bodies for the red carpet. By doing the arms, legs, and anywhere else that is exposed, you really accomplish several things. For instance, limbs look longer, leaner, and will have a much more youthful appearance. The approach for this look is similar to the Face Glaze look, where a face oil is either mixed with foundation or mixed with a body moisturizer. A foundation works best to even out the skin tone or adding a shade or two for a touch more warmth. Then afterwards I'll mix my highlighter and oil recipe from above and add it with a smaller detail brush to the décolletage at the center of the lower leg and/or arms for a gorgeous glazed gloss effect. It makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!"

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